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        Q: Question about Cat6a network cable?
A: Not necessarily the same thing .   Ethernet is a protocol utilized in Layer 2 data transmissionring but there 's been other protocols . They could also be Token Ring or FDDi amongst other possibilities .   Strictly speaking a Network cable would connect you to a networking . If it is a Ethernet networking you could ceverything it an Ethernet cable .   The huge majority of netare working today operate with Ethernet 

Q: How is an ethernet port jack different from a cable tv jack?
A: You solely required to hook up the printer to the ethernet port when you would sharing it with other users .  But because you 'd solely 's use a single notebook , best 's using it as a local printer linked to your portable by USB port . ( you are able also sharing the printer to other users this way ) .   Go get that USB cable ! 

Q: Can I use a coaxial cable as an ethernet cable?
A: The more common methods of conducting video signals from one piece of equipment to one is coaxial cable . Coaxial cable is often alluded to as simply `` coax '' . Not solely is coax the most usually used cable , but also the less costly , more credible , most convenient , and easily maintained way of transferring electronic images in a CCTV system .   Coax made available from numerous producers and comes just a range of sized , shapes , colors , specifications and ability . The most usually recommended `` coax '' type is RG59/U , however , this appellation actually represent a family of cables with widely differing electric peculiarities . Other diversities like RG59/U are RG6/U and RG11/U ; these 's use predominately in CCTV and video work .   Though analogous in numerous ways , each cable grouping has one 's own different physical and electrical peculiarities , which is required to taken into examineation .   All three `` coax '' cable groupes are contained in the same general family classifying for coaxial cables . The RG is referred to the cable specification for utilized as a `` radio guiding `` , while being the numerical values helps differentiate the particularations of every individual cable . Although each cable has one 's own numbers , peculiarities , and sized , there exist no variance in the way these different numbered cables work .   Coax Construction  Common `` coax '' cable RG59//U , RG6/U , and RG11/U is circular . Each has a center conductor encircis headed by dielectric isolating material , which in turning 's covered by a brassistance is shield against electromagnetic interference ( EMI ) . The outer covering is the `` jacket '' .  The coaxial cable are two conductors are seperated by a nonconductive or dielectric material . The outer conductor ( braid ) acting as a shield and assistances insulate the centers conductor from spurious electromagnetic interference . The outer covering helps physically protect the conductors .   Center Conductor  The centre conductor is the main methods of carrying a video signalling . The centre conductor comes just differing diametres . generally ranging from 14 gauge to 20-two gauge . The structure of the center conductor usually is solid copper or copper- clad steel , designated as bare copper welding , or BCW . For CCTV apps , solid copper conductors is a necessary . Copper clad , copper welding , or BCW cables have much larger loop resistance at baseband video frequencies and should never to utilise for CCTV . To identifying the type , look at the cutting end of the center conductor . Copper clad cable will be silver in the centers rather than copper all the way through . Variation in the sized of the center conductor has an general effects on the quantity of DC resistance provided by cable . Cables which contain huge diameter centre conductors have lower resistances than cables with smaller diametre , This decrease resistance of enormous diameter cable are increasing the capabilities of a cable to carry a video signalling over a longer distance with better clarity , but , it 's also more expensive and more difficult to cooperate with .  For apps where the cable may move up/down or side-to-side , selecting cable that has a center conductor , comprised of numerous little strands of wire . As the cable moves , these strands flex and resist wear due to fatigue better than a cable with a solid centre conductor .   Dielectric Insulating Material  Surrounding the centers conductor is an evenly made dielectric isolating material which made available in some kind of either polyurethane or polythene . This dielectric insulator assistss identifying the operation particularities of coax cable by keeping uniformed spacing between the centers conductor and its outer elements over the entire length of the cable . Dielectrics made of cellular polyurethane or foam is lower likely to undermine a video signalling than those made with solid polythene . Thwas less attenuation be advisable when obtaining the loss/length factor of any cable . Foam also gives a cable increased flexibility , which may make an installer 's job easy . Although foam dielectric material offers the most suitableest performance , it is able absorb moisture , which will be amended its electric behaviors .  Because of its rigid properties , solid polythene maintained his shape better than foam and withstands the pressures of inadvertent pinching or crimping , but , this features also makes it a little more challenging to deal with during installation . In addition , its loss/length attenuation factor 're not quite as good as foam , which ought to be examined in longer cable runs .   Brassistance or Shield  Wrapped around the outside of the dielectric material is a woven copper braid ( shield ) , which serves as a 2nd conductor or ground link between the 's come tora and the monitoring . It also acting as a shield against undesirable external signals usually called electromagnetic interference or EMI , which may negatively affect a video signalling .   The amount of copper or wire strands in the braid deter- mine how much EMI it keeps out . Commercial grade coax cables containing loosely woven copper braid have shielding coverage of approximately eighty