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The exfoliating gloves offered on are made up of premium stretchable nylon material, making them durable for use over the long-term. The nylon has enhanced texture on both sides, with the inner side being soft and the outer side being rough, enabling the buyer to choose different friction during scrubbing based on their preference. The stretchable nylon material of the gloves enables them to fit all hand sizes.

The exfoliating shower gloves design features convex points at the gloves' surface, significantly improving the effect of exfoliation. The bath gloves help remove dead cells from the skin's surface, leading to the user having radiant, glowing skin. The body exfoliating gloves also prevent clogged pores and acne, allowing for flawlessly smooth skin. The gloves' lightweight makes them easy to carry, and the buyer can use them at home or pack them for use during business trips or vacations.

These exfoliating gloves offered on are easy and straightforward to use. The user just needs to wet them when bathing, add soap and massage their body using gentle pressure in a small circular motion. The user should take care not to use the exfoliating scrub gloves on sensitive areas like their eyes. After use, the scrub gloves have a loop that the buyer can use to hang on a hook allowing them to dry.

The exfoliating gloves come in a wide array of bright colors, and the buyer can choose based on their favorite color. Get these gloves available on for smooth, radiant and glowing skin. The buyer will get their money worth with these premium quality gloves from reliable suppliers.