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Eyelash growth serum

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About eyelash growth serum

An eyelash growth serum is a beauty product that purportedly helps natural eyelashes grow healthier, thicker, and longer within a few weeks. Eyelash serums are faux eyelash popular alternatives whose demand is skyrocketing due to various reasons. Ideally, using lash growth serum is easier and more convenient rather than visiting a beauty studio for faux eyelashes. Lash boosters are also cheaper and their benefits spread to eyelids. They make eyelids soft and vibrant.

How does eyelash growth serum work?

Eyelash growth boosters have hyaluronic acid, biotin, peptides, panthenol, and different types of oils and extracts. Hyaluronic acid is a gooey substance that moistens and softens the skin around the eye. It also seals hair cuticles preventing air and moisture from entering. This stops eyelashes from shrinking hence growing better. Biotin and peptides on the other hand stop the loss of eyelashes, provide resources for the development of keratin and improve the size of hair follicles. Thicker hair follicles make eyelashes appear denser and stronger while high keratin accelerates growth. Lastly, panthenol and different types of oils such as castor oil and extracts such as pumpkin seed moisten and prevent eyelashes from shrinking. In short, panthenol has the same functions as hyaluronic acid while oil extracts moistened eyelids and stops bacterial infections.

Tips on getting good results from eyelash growth serums

First, apply the right quantity of lash growth serums according to the instructions on the package or twice a day at most. Secondly, avoid bottom lash lines since the eyelash growth serum may enter the eye and cause irritation. Thirdly, use continuously for best results.

Do prescription serums work better than over-the-counter products?

Prescription eyelash growth serums are approved by various bodies and yes, they work better. However, you will need to visit a dermatologist for a formal prescription before buying them because the active ingredient bimatoprost has some side effects