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Fancy lights are decorative lighting pieces installed in a home or workspace for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Whether they are fancy LEDs, fancy lamps, or fancy chandeliers, decorative lighting is a must-have piece for every home or office space.

Types of Decorative Lighting

Well-designed homes and offices usually have some type of lighting that meet 3 lighting needs. These needs include general ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting. General ambient lighting provides overall illumination for an interior space. Its purpose is to create a uniform light level throughout the space without the help of another special or artificial lighting that may be needed in specific areas of the room. A simple example of this is natural lighting, fancy floor lamps or fancy recessed lighting that direct light downwards. Chandeliers are another great example as they consist of downlights and uplights attached to multiple arms. Task lighting is designed to target particular areas of a room to illuminate a specific function. For instance, kitchen counters may need accent lights directed at the exact spot where food will be prepared. Reading areas in a living room may also need task lights, as well as office desk surfaces. Perfect examples of the kinds of light fixtures needed for this function are a desk lamp or LED strip light placed under kitchen cabinets to shine on the counter. Accent lighting seeks to draw attention to certain objects like artwork, plants, sculptures or bookcases in an interior space. Examples include fancy outdoor lights, which are perfect for highlighting beautiful garden trees, plants or water fountains. Fancy wall lights – or specifically – wall sconces, typically provide both accent and ambient lighting in an interior space. They are great for highlighting decorative wall decorations or illuminating dark hallways.

Benefits of Fancy Light

Fancy lights for living rooms or any space can enhance the mood of your space and add a touch of elegance and class to your living space. Good lighting like fancy hanging lights among others, can get rid of dark corners and areas in your home or office, and allows sufficient illumination and brightness into your space.