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Farming equipment requires plenty of maintenance, repairs, and upkeep to ensure it works efficiently and safely. A farm jack lets you elevate heavy machinery and equipment with large wheels like tractors, plows, and fertilizers.

What is a Farm Jack and How Does it Work?

Farm jacks, also known as high lift jacks, are much larger than a traditional car jack and used to lift heavy equipment off the ground. Using a farm jack is similar to using a car jack and should always be done with safety in mind. The best farm jacks are versatile and lift large vehicles and machines with oversized tires and other heavy weights high off the ground. This allows for easy repairs, maintenance, and service.

Simply place the lip of the jack beneath one of the machine’s jacking points and use the lever to elevate the equipment to the desired height. To prevent injury, always ensure the farm jack is securely locked in place before working beneath a heavy piece of equipment. When your work is done, lower the jack slowly using the adjustable arm. Farm jack mounts help secure the jack in place and are also convenient for storage and stability.

The Most Common Types and Brands of Farm Jacks

When it comes to farm jacks, there are several popular brands that specialize in this type of heavy duty equipment. Hi Lift farm jacks are multi-purpose tools that do more than just lift machinery. These jacks also winch, hoist, spread, and clamp, making them a great addition to any farm or garage. If you need extra heavy-lifting, consider a Harbor Freight hi-lift jack. Farm jack Harbor Freight products are designed to safely lift up to 5,000 pounds. Bulldog farm jacks are another popular brand to consider.

How to Find the Best Farm Jack

When searching for the best farm jack for your needs, consider the size, price, weight capacity, and functions. For example, a Hi Lift jack 48 inches is made of all-cast iron to deliver optimal strength, stability, and support. Standing at 48-inches high (or 4 feet), this farm jack can lift heavy items fairly high. Smaller farm jacks are usually 36-inches high (or 3 feet), offering slightly less height and accessibility. The size and the load capacity of the farm jack you buy will determine the types of jobs you can use it for.