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A farming tractor is a machine vehicle mainly used in cultivating farm fields. Browse for tractors for sale at Alibaba.com

The cultivating tractor is in the form of a vehicle for people to ride and drive, but the main purpose of the machine is to use force and traction. Therefore, it is low in speed but high in power. The models that are fastest cannot run more than 70 kilometers per hour. Some types of tractors are wheeled yet, it is mainly used off-road. The tractor is commonly used as a farm implement to plow, plant, cultivate, fertilize, and harvest crops. However, it also can be used on road building and construction sites where it needs hauling.

How long has the farming tractor been used?

The history of farm and tractor was first adopted in the early 19th century with portable steam engines. Later that century, gasoline-powered tractor farm equipment have been introduced to the machine and enabled smaller engines with less running and installation cost. As time went on, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and biodiesel fuels have been introduced to power tractors working on the farm. Antique tractors mostly use manual transmission and three to six gear ratios.

What are the types of farm tractors?

Four-wheeled tractors are suitable to operate in various soil conditions that would otherwise immobilize caterpillars and two-wheeled ones. However, the machine has a complicated construction and requires high maintenance cost, so they are scarcely used than other types of tractors. Caterpillars or crawlers have two continuous tracks padded with pivoted plates in an endless chain shape. This tracklaying caterpillar is a farm and tractor supply used where the soil condition is sticky and heavy or very light. Farm tractor supply can be in small farm tractors in the form of wheels fixed onto a single drive axle. The operator walks behind the best tractor for small farm and grips hold the handles to maneuver.

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