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Farming hoe caters to various functions in the agricultural sector. It helps in keeping the soil pressed and helps remove the weeds. Root crops are easier to be harvested using a farming hoe. In order to make the task of looking after the crops easy various kinds of farming hoe tools are introduced.

Farming hoe types

Farming hoe has been used since ancient times. However, modern day farming hoe is equipped with a lot of ease for the users. When it comes to farming hoe types, few of them are mostly used. Farming hoe for tractor attaches to the tractor and automatically caters to the purpose of looking after the crops and soil whenever the tractor is in use. Farming hoe with a wood handle is also very popular and is used widely by most farmers.

A fork-style farming hoe with a fork-shaped head is also available and is quite helpful in digging the soil.

Farming hoe materials

The head of the farming hoe tool is mostly made using steel, being the right material for doing away with the job. The handle can vary in terms of materials, including wood, fiberglass, and steel.

Farming hoe Sizes

The sizes of the farming hoe vary depending upon the choice and requirement. Sometimes a bigger farming hoe is required, and sometimes, a miniature farming hoe does the job. The area covered by the crops is also a matter to be taken into consideration when it comes to the size of the farming hoe.

How is a hoe different from a plow functionally?

The function of a plow is to prepare the ground for agriculture, whereas a hoe helps keep the plant and crop beds free from weeds by helping to remove them.

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