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Organic feed barley are delicious and fiber-rich grains that can be bought in bulk from With a chewy texture and nutty taste, feed barley can be enjoyed as part of stews and soups as well as salads and casseroles for a unique experience. It’s an easy grain to cook as well as being super nutritious and budget-friendly.

The versatile grains of feed barley are something that are widely consumed in many people’s diets. The selection available at is packed with nutrients and can give some impressive health benefits. Barley has been proven to reduce hunger as a more filling food choice and promotes that feeling of fullness which could assist weight loss. It is also high in fiber which helps digestion, moving food through the body easily.

Some types of feed barley contain insoluble fibers that can go towards preventing gallstones from forming in the gut. The products on offer here can help to lower cholesterol levels and prevent new cholesterol from forming inside the body. Due to this, barley has often been cited as reducing the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure which leads to further health complications. Barley is cheap to buy in bulk and is easily added to a variety of different diets so can supplement a balanced diet well.

These feed barley options are as varied as the grain themselves and are available on The minerals and vitamins from the beneficial grains will differ depending on the suppliers and manufacturers of the product. Due to the high fiber content barley has plenty of benefits to give and can also be turned into flakes and flour.