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Whatever home or construction projects your customers are working on, Alibaba.com offers a wide variety of wholesale fibre cement board at affordable prices. fibre cement board are made from a mixture of fiber cement formed into sheets that are used as backing for tile. They are superior to gypsum as they are resistant to water, offering a longer-lasting solution to tiling. As tiles are often used in places prone to water, it's important to have a backing that will not develop mold or disintegrate from water damage.

Before installing any type of tiling, you must use a backer board to protect from water damage and mold. Typically for interior rooms such as your bathroom or kitchen, you will need a concrete backer board or cement backer board. For the exterior of houses and commercial buildings, a durable and low-maintenance option is fiber cement boards.

Just like with any home improvement project, always make sure any when installing cement boards to fill the seams with tape. We offer cement board tape so any DIY efforts at home are not a waste.

Home improvement projects have little room for mistakes, so be sure to offer your customers the right solutions suitable to their projects. Shop today on Alibaba.com and expand your fibre cement board selection.