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The material is important when choosing a finger corrector. The toe spacer should be comfortable to the user and make sure that no allergic reaction happens. One of the most popular options is foam toe separators. This is because they are the most cost effective option. These disposable toe dividers are especially popular among professional nail artists who need to throw away the spreader between clients. For home use, gel toe spacers and silicone toe spreaders are popular. These are washable. Gel toe dividers are soft and offer a cushy pleasurable feel that a look of people love.

You can also find finger corrector options in different sizes. For pedicures for men, larger size options may be best while some very small options for children are also available. There are also options for individual pieces with four protrusions that attach to the bottom of the feet and spread out the toes or multiple piece options that are inserted one by one. The packs with multiple toe separators are good if there is a large size difference between users.

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