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Machine Name: Finishing Machine For CFC Zipper/ Tape also called zipper/ tape ironing machine after dyed cols. Heating mode has four kinds of options: Steam, electric heating, heat conduction oil and electric heating oil. We specialize in the manufacuring of each piece of equipment, to create more value with you.

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Textile dyeing machines come in a number of different forms, and all can be purchases wholesale to keep costs low. Alibaba's textile machinery story features all of the major types, including jet, winch, beam, and jigger dyeing machines. There are finishing & dyeing style machines that use less water and help to make textile production more eco-friendly, as well as small-scale models that can double up as washing machines.

Manufacturers can take their pick from finishing & dyeing models that are designed to add color to larger pieces of material. Ideal for producing garments like dresses and t-shirts, these machines can be configured to handle almost any designs, while speeding up production processes. But there are also finishing & dyeing types that are setup to handle yarns and ropes. They can be perfect for dealing with heavy duty materials such as those used in automobile manufacturing. Both can be found at wholesale prices, making it easy to outfit a factory or small textile workshop with the machinery needed.

The textile dyeing machines available at Alibaba come in different sizes as well, with specifications for any textile project. You can pick up machines that are intended for use in sample production, or tools to dye small batches There are also large-scale finishing & dyeing which can handle factory production levels with ease, as well as hybrid textile dyeing machines which also have finishing features, closing the production cycle and making life easier for manufacturers. Every style is here and ready to order. So find a type of wholesale dye machine that matches your needs.