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A fire-rated cable is one that can operate safely in flame-burning conditions for a set duration of time. Fire-rated wires are frequently employed in high-rise structures, subways, underground shopping malls, power plants, and major industrial and mining businesses concerned with fire safety and fire rescue. CMR fire-rated cables contribute to increased safety in homes and businesses. It is an important part of any electrical system and should be considered when planning any electrical work.

What are the features of fire-rated cables?

Fire-resistant cables are manufactured to resist burning, melting, and dripping and are divided into class A and class B. Class B fire-rated conduit can be in 750 ℃ ~ 800 ℃ flame and rated voltage to withstand burning for at least 90min, and the cable is not broken. It may also be 950 °C - 1 000 °C flame and rated voltage to survive burning for at least 90min and the cable is not perforated in the refractory layer to enhance the production process and expand the refractory layer. Class A fire-rated cable fixing's fire performance is better than class B. Also, mineral insulated cable is a better performance than Pentair fire-rated cable made of copper core, copper sheath, and magnesium oxide insulation material processing referred to as MI (mineral insulated cables) cable.

What are the advantages of fire-rated cable?

Fire-rated cable ties help to reduce the spread of fires by containing heat and smoke within one area, providing extra time for occupants to evacuate safely. Using a 2-hour rated cable can help reduce insurance premiums since there is less risk of damage caused by a fire spreading from one area to another. 2-hour fire-rated conduits are generally thicker than standard cables and are made from more durable materials, making them withstand temperatures higher than regular cables. This ensures it can withstand the heat generated during a fire for longer periods of time. Cat6 fire-rated cables are designed to be resistant to high temperatures and are also flame-retardant. This helps reduce the risk of wires being damaged due to heat and also decreases the chance of sparking and spreading the fire.