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Everyone loves a good party trick. And the fire wallet is a classic. This magic trick is a wallet that starts on fire when it’s opened. Some magicians use it to sell the idea that their money is “burning a hole in their pocket”. Other illusionists use a wallet that goes on fire to make it appear as if they created fire out of nowhere. Either way, this is a classic and impressive trick that anyone can safely perform with enough practice.

How Does a Magic Trick Flame Fire Wallet Work?

Most flame fire wallets work in the same way. On the outside, this wallet looks normal. What onlookers don’t see is a hidden section of the fire wallet that contains a fire cloth, flint or striker, and a magnet piece to extinguish the flame. Before you can perform the wallet with fire trick, you need to soak the cloth in lighter fluid. Now, when you discreetly activate the flint, the cloth will ignite and the wallet will appear to be on fire. Simply close the fire wallet and let the magnet snuff the flame. Some electronic fire wallets will automatically trigger the striker, making the trick look even more realistic.

How to Use the Professional’s Fire Wallet?

Even though the fire wallet is used by many seasoned magicians and illusionists, you don’t have to be a professional to pull this trick off. Anyone can keep a flame fire wallet in their pocket, bag, or car for a quick, on-the-spot magic trip. Simply place the electronic fire wallet in your pocket for safekeeping. Then, when someone asks for money or you take it out to pay for something, carefully open the fire wallet, hit the flint, and watch it go up in flames. Everyone will be shocked and in awe of your talent.

Before you use a wallet that starts on fire, be sure to be in a safe place. Stand a good distance away from your friends and onlookers before igniting the flame. This is the safest way to perform a wallet with fire trick. Put out the flame shortly after the fire starts to prevent injury to yourself or others. And practice the magic trick several times alone before performing it in front of a crowd.

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