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        Q: What do i need to go beach fishing?
A: It 's the GULF , not Ocean . Doctors pass and Clam pass are both worth a try . Fish on the bottom with live shrimp . I hate using a heavy weighting , utilized as light as you are able to hold you bait in place . You do n't required to cast out a country mile if fishing from the beach . Fish are cruising the dips between the sand bars where there exists deeper water and bait fish . Your set up is OK for the passes and beach , but you should use 10 # test line or better . I use twelve and 14 on two I be utilized in the passes . Yo-zuri & amp ; Mirro lure make shallow running lures that worthy of a try in the passes or from the beach if it is relatively quieting waters . When you get down there , find yourself a bait shopping near wherever you are and the guys working there presumably can give you the most suitableest helpful information . When you are done for the day , rinse your rod & amp ; reel off with a light spraying of fresh water to get the salt off of it . 

Q: What type of bait should you use for fishing?
A: You should ask the local bait shopping .   Really that is the bestest guidance , any bait shopping worthwhile 's weighting will be aware what pulls what out of what body of water .   Otherwise you are just guessings . 

Q: How do you raise your woodcutting level quickly as a non-member in runescape?
A: Fishing Guide   In runescape , fishery is an enormous skill to have , and it does n't cost much began to , so your profits is nearly 100 percent , not to mention it 's extraordinarily simple to do . Cast and catch , simple as that .   Not solely can it assist you make one tonne of gold , however , it helps you in other ways as well . For example when you catch fishes , you are required start a fire to cook the fish was later you cook the fish was later you are able use those cooked fish to heal you when training your combating .   When your nature is a higher level , you 'll need more and an improvement food to maintaining your health up . So instead of having be purchased food from other people you are able catch it yourself , saving you lots of gold .   Before you are able start making big bucks , you required to be at the very least level 50 fishing , so I 'll give you a few hints and tips on how to level up your proficiencies .   Lobsters sell for about 200 gold each and when you were level eighty fishing you are able fish for sharks and sell them for between 700-1000 gold each . As you are able see , this situation is definately a very good trade to get embroiled in , it is able make you lots of money once you have leveled up your proficiencies a small .   Basic Tools You Need To Get Started :   Here is what equipment you are able use and what you are able catch with that equipment .  Fishing Gear  Equipment   With The Equipment You Can Catch  Net Shrimp , Anchovies , Karambwanji , Giant Frogspawn  Fishing Rod & amp ; Bait Sardine , Herring , Pike , Slimey Eel , Cave Eel  Big Net * Mackerel , Cod , Bass  Fly-Fishing Rod & amp ; Feathers Trout , Salmon  Harpoon Tuna , Swordfish , Shark  Lobster Cage Lobsters  Oily-Fishing Rod * & amp ; Bait Lava Eel  Karambwan Vessel Karambwan   *=Members solely   Small Fishing Net :   When you get initiated , the one thing that you are able to to catch is shrimp . For this , you 'll need the small fishing net . A huge place to get launched with fishery is South of Draynor Village banks . There 's a bank nearby ( Obviously ) wherever you can store everything your shrimp and there 's plenty of trees around so that you are able readily cook them all once you are done .   You can purchase the Small Fishing Net at the Port Sarim fishing shopping for around 5 gold slices . Once you get to level fifteen fishing , you are able also catch anchovies with the Small Fishing Net .   Fishing At Sea :   Once you 've caught sufficiently shrimp to level your fishing to level 5 , you are able subsequently fish for Sardines . However this will cost more money , as you not exclusively have be purchased a fishing rod , but you are required also buy bait . The Fishing Rod is costingbout 5 gold slices and the bait costs varies depending on the amount that the shopping has in stock . It are usually about three gold slices each , so if you wish to make any type of profits , you 'll have sold off each fish for more than three gold slices each , more on making money with fisheries in the making money guides : )   Once you get to level 10 fishing , you are able also catch Herring with a Fishing Rod and bait . You can catch both Sardines and Herring from the sea , South of Draynor Village ( The same place you where fisheries for Shrimp ) .   To use your Fishing Rod and Bait , make convinced you 've got them both in your inventory ( Along with additional space for you to store your caught fish ) was later rights clicking on a fishing spot and select `` Bait '' . Each time you catch a fish you 'll use one bait . Now one only has to await till you are inventory fills up : )   Lure Fishing/Fly Fishing :   Next , you are able begin Lure Fishing ( Some times called Fly Fishing , these people are the same thing , but simply various names ) . It was quite much the same as Bait Fishing , with the exception you use Feathers rather than Bait , also there exist certain fishes that you are able solely catch by Lure Fishing/Fly Fishing .   You can solely Fly/Lure fisheries in rivers , so you 'll have be chosen a various fishing spot th's time .   I suggests that you go Lure Fishing in the river East of the Barbarian Village , because there are 2 fishing spots and to the north in Edgeville , there exist a bank wherever you can store everything your fish . Also , Edgeville be extremely closes to the Wilderness . So if you cook your caught fish here , you are able sell them to the player murderers ( PKer 's ) so they were able restore some health .   To lure fish , rights clicking on the fishing spot was later click `` Lure '' , you 'll use one feather every time you catch a fish .   Bait Fishing In Rivers :   Exactly the same as `` Fishing At Sea '' , with the exception you do it in rivers instead . You wont catch Sardines or Herring in rivers , because they are sea fishes . Instead you 'll catch Pike , you required to be level 25 Fishing before you are able catch it though . You can use the same fishing spots as above .   Harpooning Tuna :   A new piece of your computer will now be necessary a Harpoon . Again you are able get th's from Port Sarim for around 5 gold slices . Now you required to catch a ship from Port Sarim to Karamja . First you 'll be catching Tuna with the harpoon . Later you are able to to Harpoon Swordfish .  Talk to one of the guys in blue here to get to the isle of Karamja ( Costs 30g )   You 'll arrive at the docks and you should harpoon here . There was rather a few fishing spots .    To Harpoon Tuna , you shoul