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Get hold of fast and accurate flatbed plotter at Alibaba.com. flatbed plotter are used to create a line-by-line copy of an image using movable pens or printing material. flatbed plotter are well-suited for flexible cutting and printing of soft non-metallic media in multi-color ink.

The flatbed plotter at Alibaba.com can engrave consistent and clear patterns quickly. The products have automated arms attached to Cyan, Magenta, Black, Yellow pens. They can handle sizes other than A-4 printing material, unlike widespread printers. Moreover, printing media can range from garments to PVC or rubber. flatbed plotter are designed to house multi-functional knives for cutting and pens for writing and drawing. They boast of a digital timer and temperature controller to ensure accuracy. All the moving parts of the machine are adjustable for long term usage and convenience. The flatbed plotter are compatible with CAD, Corel Draw software, and International standard interfacing. 

The advantages of flatbed plotter are swift production with the same efficiency. They are ideal for mass production at accelerated speeds. You need not load the designs repeatedly in the flatbed plotter. The desired patterns can be saved on the compatible memory disk. You can find the right flatbed plotter with the required pressure, precision, and feeding material size that will fit the bill. They are also available in multi-functional heads appropriate for punching rollers, knives, and markers. The transmission systems include a step motor, synchronous belt, or linear guide.

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