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        Q: I weigh 170 what flex of the loaded tan tien should i get?
A: If you are able try them both out but do NOT look at the weighting propositions for the flexes . It 's truly just preference . I am solely 120 but I prefer a flex one for sliding . If you want some hardcore flex go for the 3 however , if it were up to me , I 'd go with the 2 . Your not as is compelled to certain feels and riding styles . 

Q: What is flex in a hockey stick?
A: The 85 flex would be a more pragmatic choice for you . The crucial to achieving speed on your shot to be decided by your capabilities creation flex in the shaft , so a softer flex would be much more optimum for your requirements .   The lower flex is even more vital when it comes to roller hockey . You playing with a lighter puck , so getting the bend in the shaft is even harder with a stiffer stick because your projectile counterbalance is lighter than the six oz one in ice hockey .   Do n't let the stigma of shaft flex get to you . Brett Hull usage an eighty flex shaft all the path to 700 + goals , so stiffer 's not always better .   As for models , I 'd look around for the bestest closeout deals available . Durability concerned 're not as high in roller hockey , so you have a broadr option basis .   You know your preferred pattern , you should now know your preferred flex , so it is now only a matter to be found the lightesting and/or cheapest option providing you those specs . 

Q: Will Plugging Hockey Sticks Change the Flex?
A: Do not 's listening these guys . They dont know a lot about flex with their repliess . For flex , you want more whipping to get more power . A stiffer stick giving u a harder shot 's a myth . For you I would recommend a 75-85 flex . 100 flex will was just too a lot and you wont get good releasings . Theres a guy on my roller team that usages a 122 flex and hes 5'6 and 130 lb . He cant take a snapshot or a slapshot save the lives of their own lives . If it werent for his skate and stickhandling ability he wouldnt have made my team . Ovechkin usages a 75 flex and he 's 240 lb . I 'm 6'4 , 190 lb and I use an eighty because I want whipping in my stick but not less than eighty because I cant afford to break fifteen sticks a week like Ovi does . Get a whippier flex and see what 's happening . You will be flabbergasted at how much it will assist compared with a stiffer stick .