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Protein chemical lightweighy concrete foaming agent PH value close to natural , noncorrosive to cement and metal. Excellent foaming performence HF30 Cement Vesicant(Plant) ( concrete foaming agent ) Use high quality natural plant polymer materials as raw material By complex chemical reactions generated Light yellow pure transparent oily liquid Not sensitive to hard water, non - toxic, tasteless, no sediment PH value close to neutral, noncorrosive to cement and metal, environmental friendly Easy to store, with excellent foaming performance, rich foam with moderate stability Foaming agent Parameter clc foaming agent clc foaming agent Specs Appearance light yellow pure transparent oily liquid Proportion(kg/L) 1.06 PH value 6.8-7.2 Content of inorganic salts ≤0.5% Rate of absorption ≥40% Hues (APHA) ≤50 Consumption (kg/m3) 0.35-0.45 Operating Temperature(°C) ≥5 Safety Stable chemistry, non-poisonous, no flavor, non-inflammable Packing(kg) Small plastic bucket 50 Large plastic bucket 200 Advantages: Less consumption, low cost and stable quality, capacity of 200KG vesicant is 500m3 foam cement widely applied in heating and roof insulation engineering, significantly reduce the construction cost. Disadvantages: Good breathability but Poor resistance to osmotic, can not be used in Anti – seepage engineering Compare with animal cement vesicant in same density, compressive strength and insulation performance of cement is poorer Foaming thickness of one time should not higher than 200mm, otherwise susceptible to surface subsidence Welcome to inquiry us !!!!

Bright yellowish powder can be stored in normal temperature for long time; it is nontoxic, colorless and non-pollution. Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Making Machine Bottle Moulding Machine. Packing & Delivery Main Applications: Mainly used in PVC, PE, PP, PS, EVA, ABS and rubber foam.

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Look for foam vesicant at Alibaba.com when running a factory that manufacturers clothing and other fabric products. Apply one to a textile item as a final step in the process. Most foam vesicant add softness and bulkiness while increasing the tensile strength of the yarns. Stock up and ensure each garment is comfortable for customers and will last a long time, even with frequent wear.

Most foam vesicant are easily soluble in water, making diluting them for safe use a simple task. Many products are also compatible with multiple types of synthetic fabric, including polyester and nylon. Find a solution that can be used as a safer and more economical alternative to traditional silicone oils and bleaching. Certain products are sent in sealed containers to help prevent exposure to the open air. Find a dry, cool storage area for a long shelf life.

Buy foam vesicant at Alibaba.com for a wide variety among suppliers that can fulfill various needs. Get an ideal level of purity and pH to prevent the fabric from being contaminated or damaged. Most suppliers offer durable packaging to ensure each shipment is free of leaks. Purchase multiple tons or kilograms in bulk to keep a factory or workshop well supplied over a long period of time.

Find the best foam vesicant at Alibaba.com and keep a production line working to make high-quality fabric items. Purchase a favorite solution to keep each batch soft and strong at the same time. Find foam vesicant that will provide just the right amount to handle the intended job.