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foam are high resistance, low weight materials. They are ideal for different packaging products, such as chemical, artisanal, electronic, pharmaceutical and manufacturing.. foam packages are made to fit into product shapes precisely, thus incorporating aspects such as wall thickness, density and reinforcement. 

foam are light and expandable, a perfect duo for bringing down transport and labor costs. Their resistance aspect allows them to eliminate breakages and facilitate stowage, as they can withstand 1,000 times their weight. They absorb the energy produced by shock and vibration and help prevent the packaged product from getting damaged.

foam are perfect for products requiring temperature control, such as fish storage. Multiple cells act as independent air chambers, insulating the product thermally. This prevents product damage and, in the case of food and other perishables, spoilage and harmful rot.

foam are essential for protecting, transporting and marketing food, as they are non-toxic and prevent the growth and spread of fungi and bacteria known to cause organic decomposition. They are neutral in odor and taste, ensuring that the packaged products are neither altered nor degraded during transport.

foam incorporate additives, thus avoiding electrostatic load to favor their use in the electronics industry. They are the perfect material for many industrial uses. Their lightness, sturdiness and ideal pricing on Alibaba.com make them some of the highest sought after materials by industry professionals.