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Whether you're going on an extended camping tour, or you just need an extra bed for the night to put up some overnight guests, your foldable beach mat will be just what you need. With quick assembly to avoid fuss, you can create a comfortable sleeping arrangement in no time at all.

When sleeping outside it's important to create space between you and the ground, as that's where a lot of the heat escapes. Not only do foldable beach mat products provide the necessary space to maintain warmth, they also offer a comfortable space to rest your head. You can enjoy a restful night of sleep, which is essential if you're up early to indulge in all that nature has to offer, but that a long hike, some water sports, or just a day with the family.

Browse the range of wholesale foldable beach mat from Alibaba.com to find the right fit. There are options in double, single and king sizes, so you can share with a partner or just spread out on your own. Alibaba.com has paired with thousands of wholesale retailers that have a wealth of experience in outdoor accessories. Pair your foldable beach mat with a cozy sleeping bag and a travel pillow to reach the optimum level of comfort.