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As well, you may send your engineers to our company to learn how to operate machines. And where there are our machines,there are good reputation and terminal user satisfaction. A2: We sure to provide quality=price and price=quality ,the matched price and acceptable for the clients and durable for our machines.

Description The embossing roller adopts the heating-adjusted device to make the embossing pattern more clearly. 2.The most important function of the model after change is that makes the best use of the available space in the heart place. It extends the working life of the heart place and reduces the meaningless damage. d.

China Machinery ZE-8B/4 Automatic Paper Folding Machine Semi-Automatic Pneumatic Desk Type Capping Machine The machine is featured with a novel design and very precise. we combined with domestic and international advanced packaging concept to create first-class packaging machinery all over the world. Our main equipment is: tube filling and sealing machine,cup filling and sealing machine,fillling and capping machine, automatic cartoning machine and their related production lines.

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Explore various kinds of wholesale folding machine from Chinese manufacturers on A folding machine is great if you want to start making toilet papers and napkins for sale. Paper machinery options are also ideal for multiple industries, including large hotels, manufacturing plants, and paper processing industries. You can get separate machines for stapling and folding papers, making paper cups, serviettes, and tissue-making machines. Basically, a typical tissue or napkin-making machine encompasses several units, which include embossing, slitting, folding, counting, color printing, and stacking output papers in an orderly manner. Embossing is done using either steel to steel or steel to rubber, with different types of patterns.

Depending on your production scale, you can choose from a small folding machine to a large one. A small machine can weigh around 1,000kgs and use 3kw of power or higher. Production capacity falls within 70 to 80 pcs/min. folding machine options are driven either using the gear or the chain driving system. Most are fully automated and include automatic oil lubrication. They use photoelectric technology to detect machine activities and sound the alarm when it runs out of paper or encounters a problem.

Larger machines weigh around 3,000kgs or higher, depending on the configurations. They have production capacities of about 150m/min, which is around 3 tons per day. Each machine comes with an air compressor pneumatic system. These systems operate using a PLC control panel, which makes them fully automatic.For specific details and prices of each machine, check out Buy a folding machine from Chinese wholesalers and enjoy aftersales services such as machine installation, training, maintenance, and spare parts.