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There are different types of foot guard available, including slip-in varieties, ankle shin guards, and shin socks. Slip-in options are meant to be worn inside a sock. Although some socks are tight enough to hold them in position, most players utilize tapes to prevent them from moving during the game. Professional players use this type of guard because they allow mobility. Ankle shin guards are meant for amateur soccer players to protect their shins, knees, and ankles. One of the common features of ankle shin guards is an elastic band that helps in securing them. Finally, the sock-style guard is simply socks with a built-in pad. Its convenient, but it offers less protection.

If you want to enjoy playing, you may need to accessorize your protective gear. Examples of shin guard accessories include sleeves, stays, and ankle guards. If you're wearing a slip-in option, you may consider wearing sleeves to guarantee a secure fit. The worst thing that could happen to any player is a guard slipping down the leg. Another accessory is the shin guard stays. This is simply a hook-and-loop clasp that secures the guard in place. Also, if your set doesn't include ankle guards, you can get foot guard separately.

You can never be sure whether or not you will get injured when playing. It is better to be secure than sorry by wearing the right protective equipment. For wholesale foot guard, visit You will get a wide variety of shin guards to suit your needs.