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forestry cranes for tractors

Timber Trailer with Crane Model No. TTC03 TTC06 TTC08 TTC08H Load capacty 3 ton 6 ton 8 ton 8 ton Scope crane 3.4 m 4.7m 5.3 m 6.5 m Extension crane No No No 1.25m Wheels (optional) 22x11-10(23×10.5-12) 10.0/75-15.3 400/60-15.3 400/60-15.3 Height of the front gate 0.7 m 1.09 m 1.25 m 1.25 m Number of struts 2 pairs 2 pairs 2 pairs 2 pairs Lifting capacity 250 kg 300 kg 400 kg 400 kg Grab(aperture) 0.7m 1.0 m 1.0 m 1.0 m Valves 7 sets 2-level 7 sets 8 sets Grip area 0.08 m2 0.18 m2 0.21 m2 0.21 m2 System pressure 16 Mpa 17 Mpa 18 Mpa 19 Mpa Recommended oil flow 15-20 20-45 25-50 25-50 Cargo width at the top wagon 1.2 m 1.56 m 1.62 m 1.62 m Cargo width at the bottom trailer 0.4 m 1.10 m 0.95 m 0.95 m Weight 510 kg 2000 kg 2400 kg 2600 kg 40HQ container 12/24 sets 8 sets 8 sets 8 sets

-Hydraulic transmission ,PTO or engine drive system -Flexible,convenient operation -Easy installation Multifunction in loading ,unloading,graping ,transporting logs,reed,bamboo,etc High standardized element and advance techniques Customized available ,sound after-sals service Load capacity 1 to 12ton Model CR02 W eight of crane (kg) 590 M ax. arm reach 3.5m L ifting Capacity/arm reach 400/2 300/3 200/3.5 R otating angle 370° Grab sections G rab model TG019 W eight of grab (kg) 90 M ax . of logs (mm) 80~420 P ower (option) P TO/gasoline engine/diesel engine If you have any requirment, please contact with me Mobile phone 008618505419920 Skype ID lee.

mini log trailer with crane Crane Section: Model CR02 CR04 CR06 Weight of Crane (kg) 590 1100 1300 Max. Load height 3.5m 5.2m 6.5m Lifing Capacity/Arm Reach (kg/m) 400/2, 300/3, 200/3.5 900/2, 760/3, 500/4, 450/4.3 990/2, 760/3, 500/4, 340/5, 240/6 Rotating Angle 370° 400 ° 400 ° Grab Section: Grab model TG019 TG024 TG029 Weight of Grab(kg) 90 130 160 Max. 3.5m 4.3 m 4.3 m 6 m 6 m 6 m Lift Capacity (kg) /Outreach (m) (without Grapple and Rotator 400/2, 300/3, 200/3.5 1280/2,760/3, 500/4,450/4.3 1280/2,760/3, 500/4,450/4.3 1280/2,760/3,500/4,340/5, 240/6 1280/2,760/3,500/4,340/5, 240/6 1280/2,760/3,500/4,340/5,240/6 400° 400° 400° 400° 400° 400° Slewing Angle

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About products and suppliers:
forestry cranes for tractors are heavy-built equipment used for cutting and moving logs/trees. Alibaba.com exhibits a wide variety of options when it comes to forestry cranes for tractors for you. Find exactly the kind of forestry cranes for tractors you need from its huge stock. They are prime instruments in performing challenging tasks in the forest. 

These forestry cranes for tractors are commercial machines with robust construction and may comprise both felling capacity and load-carrying capacity. forestry cranes for tractors mostly have wheels at the pivots to make them more flexible for work. forestry cranes for tractors are also equipped with measuring techniques that make them self-sufficient in performing any kind of heavy tasks in the forest and ease manual labor. 

forestry cranes for tractors devices are computer-controlled hence act as a safety shield for human beings as well while the hefty endeavors are undertaken. Sensors attached to forestry cranes for tractors products help them in making correct assessments of the metrics before doing any particular job. These forestry cranes for tractors are very competitive in operations and reduce human effort considerably. Artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques have helped these machines become automated rather than depending on human beings. 

Products like these are rarely available anywhere for such affordable prices without compromising on the quality. Explore the multifunctioning and reliable collection of products at Alibaba.com with distinct forestry cranes for tractors options from all brands without breaching your budget plans. Select a single item or a group of them to uncover explicit offers that will make the purchase worthwhile.