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Joint: to connect each two casings or casing and driver or casing and shoe; c). The drilling bucket needs to be chiseled in advance when pile casing drives the increased torque to diffcult c). The drilling bucket needs to be checked position and verticality of hole, to avoid opening the door at the hole bottom when lift the drilling open and closed against to casing shoes d).

HW Casing Description: 1. Our NW HW PW casing tubes are of the highest quality ,are manufactured to exacting specifications using advancing maching technoogy. 5. All rods are designed to be compatible with other rods manufactured to the standard DCDMA Wireline drill rod threads Drill Rod Size Available: "Q" Series: B, N, H, and P. 4. If i will need to stay in your place for few days, is that possible to book the hotel for me9 It’s always my pleasure, hotel booking service is available.

Features: Double plugs cementing head is special tool for pumping slurry and releasing plug. If quality problems happen in guarantee period, our company will maintain for free. If you are caught in some problems when using our products, welcome to contact us at any time.

QD pneumatic casing elevator/spider is applicable to the casing of 114~340mm(4 1 / 2 ~13 3 / 8 in) and features labor saving, safe and pneumatic operation. It is designed and manufactured according to API Spec 8A Specification for Drilling and Production Hoisting Equipment Model QD450(API500) QD315(API350) Size range mm 113-340 113-340 in 4 1 /2, 5, 5 1 /2, 6 5 /8, 7, 7 5 /8, 8 5 /8, 9 5 /8, 10 3 /4, 11 3 /4, 12 3 /4, 13 3 /8 4 1 /2, 5, 5 1 /2, 6 5 /8, 7, 7 5 /8, 8 5 /8, 9 5 /8, 10 3 /4, 11 3 /4, 12 3 /4, 13 3 /8 Rated load kN 4500 3150 US ton 500 350 Air pressure MPa 0.5-0.9 0.5-0.9 psi 72-130 72-130 Overall dimensions mm 1380*1135*920 1380*1040*880 in 54*45*36 54*41*35 Weight kg 9890 7550 lb 21800 16640 casing elevator,dilling rig part. .

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