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Carry the crucible carefully Warm the crucible in the drying machine or near the furnace. The crucible should be put in the center of the furnace and leave some distance between the crucible and furnace. 2. Free sample crucible for smelting of lead Sample and trial order is accepted for the quality evaluation.

Products range: Metal parts, Mechanical parts, Marine Hardware, Electric power fitting, Construction parts,Pipe Fitting, Hardware, Auto parts, Valve parts, etc. Material: stainless steel, carbon steel,alloy steel,aluminum alloy, ductile iron, cast iron. Welcome to visit our foundry which is located in Qingdao-a beautiful port city in China.

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Shop foundry crucibles on Alibaba.com at reasonable prices. foundry crucibles in varying heights and diameters are in stock at the site. They are constructed of high-quality graphite, with a negligible amount of ash content. Certified foundry crucibles with or without spouts are accessible.

foundry crucibles on Alibaba.com are useful for melting and casting of metals. They are also advantageous for lubrication and solar photovoltaic applications. The products are isostatic and pyrolytic. foundry crucibles can withstand high temperatures, making them an ideal choice for refractory materials. They are remarkably inert in nature, making them non-reactive. Hence, metals molten in goods have high purity levels free of any contaminants. foundry crucibles are constructed of clay and contain medium-sized grains, making them ideal for heating. They have high flexural strength. Hence they are not prone to deformation under load.  

foundry crucibles have greater mechanical strength and thermal conductivity. They are also suited for the dissolution and purification of precious metals like platinum, gold, silver, and so on. They do not introduce any impurities in the molten metals. The walls of foundry crucibles are smooth and non-permeable, making them resistant to chemical reactions. The products have good thermal insulation, minimizing energy and costs involved in metallurgy. They are also appropriate for geological and environmental testing. Moreover, foundry crucibles are easy to clean and decontaminate prior to the next use.

Get amazing foundry crucibles and deals on Alibaba.com. The reputable suppliers on the site offer exceptional products and services with easy delivery options. If you are looking for business solutions, rest assured you will get your requirements fulfilled. Buy now and boost your profits to unprecedented levels.