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There are also small wind turbines that can be used for applications that include battery charging for traffic warning signs, as well as boat and caravan power. You also have a choice of blade and bladeless options. The bladeless designs generate energy from vibrations alone. Are you looking to source wholesale free samples electronic components for your business? Shop from the vast selection from Alibaba.com and take advantage of great deals.

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Source renewable energy free samples electronic components from a range of manufacturers and suppliers. There is a wide selection of wind turbine types that come in different designs, capacities, and sizes. The range varies from large-scale wind turbines, small wind powerines, blade and bladeless wind power generators, horizontal and vertical axis generors, and more. You can find the right wholesale free sample electronic components for a number of applications including small or DIY wind turbators for home use and industrial largescalescale turbines for use on wind farms.