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        Q: Where is the fuel level sensor on a 2002 ford focus?
A: In the Gas tank !   You have to take the tank down and unbolt the pumping assembly on the top , when you lift it out you will see the float/ fuel level assembly , the switching at the top or bottometres of the float arm is the part you need . 

Q: What level do you have to fill your car fuel tank?
A: it everything depends on the requirement of the engine and the angle of the filter . truly the fuel solely is necessary for touch the paper element to be sucked into the carb . if it 's vertical this situation is most likely to be genuine . but on the other hand it could be an indication of a bad or failing fuel pumping cause when there exists no demand for fuel it should pump the filter almost full . i would require known better more on the other issuing you 're having to make a accurate presumption . its not a foolish question its just something most people look at but never notices . 

Q: How do you replace a Fuel Level Sensor on a 1997 Pontiac Sun Fire?
A: The fuel level sensor is situate in the fuel tank . you have to drop the tank and eliminates the fuel pumping assembly . The sensor is situate on the pumping . My gauge was acting up and after I replace expected fuel level sensor the gauge works fine . The job took me and my father around 2 hours since it was our firstly time . We ha to figure everthing out . I have a 2001 impala LS and in the trunk toward the front ( rights behind the back seating ) , there exist a covering that you are able unbolt and eliminates the fuel pumping without dipping the tank , you are able subsequently replace expected sensor once it is out . SC I can also vouch that on my 2002 Impala LS , the fuel pumping can be found through a detachable panel in the trunk . If you are fortunate sufficiently to have an Impala modelling that has the fold-down rear seats it 's simple to discouragemine if you 've got the detachable panel . Simply fold down your rear seat . Next , from within the automobile , attentively pull back the trunk liner by slipping it out from under the folded down rear seat . The liner has an overlapping close to the center of the trunk running backwards towards the spare tyre well . The liner overlapping is held down by a few dabs of sticky glue . After pulling back the trunk liner , if you 're seeing a metal panel that is attached by certain nuts was later you 're truly in luck . Remove the nuts and pry the metal panel up by exploiting a flathead screwdriver or analogous device . The panel 's also held down by certain sticky glue , so pry slowly and attentively by making various passes around the panel because i did n't bend it . And viola , the fuel pumping is corrects there ! Here is a suite of 13 short video clips that generically describe how shall be substituted for a fuel pumping . http : //www.wonderhowto.com/how-to/video/how-to-repair-or-replace-a-fuel-pump-226058/ -The fuel sender assembly was no moved till 2005 , so if you have a 2000-2005 you ought to be able to get to it through the accessing hatching under the spare tyre , through the back seating . -CAS