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Game controllers are input devices for video games. They are typically used to control an object or character in a game. PC game controllers and console gamepads initially made use of the wired connection, but have since primarily shifted to wireless operation. Razer Kishi and Xbox series x controllers are good examples of this. Game controllers consist of buttons and joysticks that you can interact with to send your input to the game.

How does a Game Controller Work?

Game controllers consist of different buttons which contain a piece of metal underneath. When the button is pressed, it makes contact with two conductive strips on the circuit board, therefore, completing a circuit. The controller senses this and sends a data input to the CPU of the game console or PC and the game performs the pre-programmed action.

Regardless of the type of controller, they all operate with the same working principles. Top-end devices like the Xbox elite controller series 2 operate the same way as the Xbox wired controller.

What are the Advantages of a Game Controller?

The major advantage of a game controller is that they are generally more comfortable. From steam controllers to Xbox elite controller 2, they are ergonomically positioned and designed to be comfortable on the hand and easily accessible. With controllers, you do not have to stress your hands and body to awkward shapes to reach the keys you need compared to keyboards.

How Many Types of Game Controllers are There?

There are countless types of game controllers for different uses and made by different manufacturers. Popular choices include the Xbox one controller, PC controller and Playstation controllers. Other generic brands like the Razer Kishi and Scuf controllers are made by third-party manufacturers but work just as well.

Is a Game Controller Better than a Mouse?

A game controller offers more comfort and is more complete than a mouse due to having everything you need in one place. Mouse on the other hand allows precise aiming and a wide range of movement when playing. Essentially, they both have areas in which they excel but game controllers are overall, more complete than a mouse for gaming.