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A gas powered winch consists of a horizontal rotating drum, motor, and rope used to tow and haul heavy objects on or off-road. Gas powered winches come with different pull line ratings. Lighter-duty gas powered winches generally come with 1.3HP, 12v DC motors supporting up to 3,000 pounds. In contrast, heavier-duty, 6HP+ gas powered winches can tow up to 12,500 pounds — more than enough for most off-roading tasks. As a rule of thumb, opt for winches with a working load rating of 1.5 times your vehicle's gross weight.

Why Should You Invest In a Gas Powered Winch?

Gas powered winches allow a lot of weight to be pulled in areas with no power source. For example, gas powered tree winches and portable capstan winch forestry kits can clear obstructing debris from blocked roadways and pull vehicles out of the mud. They are also very safe and easy to operate, requiring minimal effort with no external electrical power needed. Many also come with accessories to make your winching operation easier, such as snatch blocks, ropes, choker chains, and winch hooks.

What is The Biggest Advantage Of a Gas Powered Winch?

A gas engine winch's biggest advantage is its power over electric winches. They perform up to four times faster than comparatively priced electric versions with added controls offering increased engine speeds and throttle adjustment for faster winch drive rotation.

How Do You Select a Gas Powered Winch?

When choosing a gas powered winch like a Honda capstan, PCW5000 capstan winch, or Echo gas powered winch, first consider its capacity. Its working load rating should be 1.5 times your vehicle's gross weight. Another consideration is its drivetrain. Three gear options (spun, worm, and planetary gears) vary regarding transfer efficiency with minimal load carry disruption. Spun gear winches are cheaper, with a ~75 % transfer efficiency, versus more expensive worm and planetary gear options with 35-65% transfer efficiency. Apart from capacity and drivetrain, the type of rope on gas engine powered winches are essential. Synthetic cables tend to perform better than traditional steel ropes.

Consider other specs when purchasing a gas powered winch, including winch plates for support and cordless over corded options. Cordless gas powered winches are much safer and easier to navigate than corded options.

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