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Gas pumps are lightweight and compact, available in three categories: in-line, distribution and single. The gas pump requires a power source to operate, and the engine crankshaft gear drives the camshaft at the bottom of it.

Type of gas pump

The fuel injection pump is mainly used in automobile diesel engines. The fuel injection pump assembly usually comprises a fuel injection pump, a speed regulator, and other components installed together. Among them, the speed regulator is a component that ensures the low-speed operation of the diesel engine limits the maximum speed. It ensures that a certain relationship between the injection volume and the speed is maintained. The fuel injection pump is the most important part of the diesel engine and is regarded as the core component of the diesel engine. Once it goes wrong, the entire diesel engine will work abnormally.

Before starting the self-priming gas pump, fill it with water (or there is water in the pump casing itself). After starting, the impeller rotates at high speed to cause the water in the impeller channel to flow to the volute. At this time, a vacuum is formed at the inlet, causing the water inlet check door to open. The air in the suction pipe enters the pump and reaches the outer edge through the impeller channel.

The electric gas pump is composed of a motor, pump sleeve, end shell, rotor, and rotor elastomer; the pump sleeve and end lining are made of high-quality steel, and the rotor is made of wear-resistant non-metallic material, making all friction contact surfaces of the gas pump highly wear-resistant friction surface. Hence, the gas pump parts are very wear-resistant, strong, durable, and have a long service life.

Precautions when using the gas pump

Diesel contains a variety of minerals and impurities. If not precipitated, filtered, and purified, it will affect the operation of the plunger and injector head, resulting in uneven oil supply, poor oil atomization, etc., reducing engine power and increasing fuel consumption. Therefore, it is recommended to let the diesel stand for some time to allow impurities to settle, and then add a gas pump skimmer to the funnel to filter it when refueling. Then, clean or replace the skimmer at gas pump regularly to achieve purification purposes. Polymers adhere to the valves, valve seats, fuel injectors, and piston tops when a diesel engine works. These carbon deposits will increase fuel consumption and should be removed in time. When the machinery is overloaded, black smoke will be emitted, which is the emission of fuel that has not been fully burned. As long as the machinery often emits black smoke, it will increase fuel consumption and shorten the service life of parts. If the cooling water temperature of the diesel engine is higher, the diesel combustion will be complete, affecting the power performance and wasting fuel. Therefore, it is necessary to use thermal insulation curtains appropriately and note that it is best to use mineral-free soft water as cooling water.

If there is a problem with the gas pump for car, abnormal noise may occur, which may be caused by a blocked gasoline filter, low insulation between the rotor and stator, friction between the groove wedges, worn bearings, or foreign matter such as sand in the oil. If the gas pump is damaged, a new gas pump needs to be replaced; if the filter element is clogged, the filter element needs to be cleaned; if the insulation between the rotor and the stator is low or the groove wedges rub against each other, the rotor needs to be adjusted; if the bearing is worn or there are sand and other foreign matter in the oil, the bearings or fuel need to be replaced in time.

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