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        Q: What causes the scratches on tempered glass during the tempering process in glass tempering furnace?
A: Uh-huh , Richard . I have given you my website . You can find the replies in it . OK , save the lives of your times , I will say to you now .  1 . Operators factors  The factor of operators is the most important while invincible one in all sorts of reasons of scratches . The quality of products awareness-raising of operators , including gravity , responsibility , compliance to operating rules , self-checking , etc , affect the end quality of tempered glass directly . However , these awareness-raising vary from operator to operator ... and there 's no evident quantifiable degree . In order be reduced scratches drastically , this is necessary to conduct a extensive staffing trained to improve staffing quality awareness-raisings .  2 . Machines factors  Glass tempering process includes four step , which are cutting , grinding , washing & amp ; drying , and tempering . Scratches is mostly generated by the former three step .  2.1 Cutting  There 's two kinds to cut off ways , which are cutting manually and cutting automatically . No issue which way is opted , the cutting table and split table is required to kept clean . In to safeguard glass from scratch , softer carpets always 's use as surface coverings of tables . However , carpets are also more likely to conceal the glass chips , and cause longer , deep scratches and a direct the results from waste .  2.2 Grinding  There 's two kinds of grinding ways , which are rough grinding and fine grinding . Diamond edge grinding machine utilized , to grind glass approximately . Glass received support by caster wheels , and is close to the hi-speed rotating diamond polishing wheel manually . After utilized for a given period , un-ground glass edges would make supporting wheels rough and broken was later glass chips would hide in rough wheels , cause scratches on glass . Therefore , roughed supporting wheels is required to superseded or sanitized on time .  If the cool water of straight-line edging machine can ’ t to be maintained clean , glass chips would leave on the transmission plate through the spraying tubing , and touch glass surface . Transmission plate is flexible , so that glass would slip with it comparatively , and cause long-point like scratches .  2.3 Washing & amp ; drying  After utilized for a given period , the water in cleansing machine would be full of glass chips , which would be relocated through water and left on glass surfacing and conveying rollers , and also cause long-point like scratches . So that filtering device required to be equipped to filter water progressively .  3 . Process factors  The transitioning between production procedures usages the glass recycling trolley where glass stands and piles , which imposes that :  ① During the piling , be persuaded to deal with gently . Make the glass bottom contact the supporting arm firstly , and later push the glass horizontally . Try be permitteded the points on the glass surface to contact concurrently . Never enable the glass to contact firstly with certain angle and later sliding , for this makes the glass accountable to thin and long scratches .  ② Wood plate or paper shall be placed between glass . For the glass stands and piles on the recycling trolley , it ’ s comparatively volatile between glass . The moving of recycling trolley are simple to cause the relative vibration between glass , in such cases , glass will responsibility to scratches because of the existence of glass scrap or another hard maters between glass .  ③ Try be reduced carrying times , and it ’ s better to adopt the flow production . During cold work , 're trying reducing the used of glass recycling trolley . After cutting , directly convey the glass to next work process for edging . Glass sides are edged respectively by four edging machines . Then the glass directly goes to the cleansing section . After cleansing , place the soft paper or wood plate between glass and pile them .  4 . Glass substrate factors  The selection of glass substrates is also extremely significant for tempering glass . The float glass from some producers has scratches . In addition , the stones and sands on glass substrates also may cause the vibration between glass during transportationation , and later aro's using secondary scratch in relative motion . Therefore , it ’ s better be chosen the float glass substrates manufactured by the competent producers with good brands .  The scratch of tempering glass is also possible generated by one or more factors . Therefore , stringently control every steps in the manufacture , bolster managing and continuously improve . Carry out stringent inspection in the whole procedures for outputs and guarantee the inspection method amalgamating self-inspection , reciprocal inspection and concrete inspection . In the process , in particular intensify the training provided to the whole staffing ’ s awareness-raising high quality , in order to allowed each employee understanding the importance of their jobs and be conscious that each of their action may have big influencing on the quality of products and even result in faulty or waste products . These means may prevent the tempering glass against scratches to the enormousst extent .  OK , is it clear-cut to you ? 

Q: How do you get paint primer off of a glass table?
A: They make spray painting for glass if you are doing an enormous field , but this is not very see-through . There is also craft painting for glass which are able is transparency however , it 's challenging to get an enormous area painted and still have it clear-cut . The brush strokes show . It 's meant more for painting designs on glass . If what you want is a flat piece of colour glass , you got to go look in a stained glass supply store . There 's every color conceivable , numerous with some kind of pattern however , there was totally clear-cut as well . It costs more than regular glass but not outrageously more and it is able be sanitized like regular glass . Paint on glass , unless it 's baked on like you do with the brush-on craft painting for glass , is sensitive and difficult to clean without for the removal of paintings . 

Q: Why is glass a solid?
A: Glass is really a solid . It is a solid since it displays every mechanical property of a solid ( as opposite to another state of matter ) .