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is mainly engaged in the production of FRP ROD,profiles , related terminal parts and accessories products. The terminal and accessories products such as : various types of composite insulators,silicone rubber,insulator fittings , line fittings and so on. The epoxy fiberglass core we produce as intermediate connector and insulating parts is widely used in all the fields and many kinds of composite insulators production.

Q: How about the Delivery time9 A: 10-15days after receiving the deposit based on the MOQ. Of course, we can also meet the urgent delivery time if the production schedule is not tight. Welcome to ask for the detailed delivery time according to your order quantity!

We can design and manufacture tubes/rods according to per customer's application and requirement . Our company has strong abilities of resource integration and using. we assure that : Every tube will be inspected before delivered to clients.

394 11.0 . Q5: Can you make a confidentiality for our project 9 A: Yes of couse. We can sign a confidentiality agreement for you.

professional epoxy basalt fiber tube FRP pultrusion profiles is to use basalt fiber as the reinforced material, resin as adhesive, basalt fiber cloth strengthening layer as a package, thorough penetration, heat inside the metal mold, molding, curing, under the tractor traction control and become a new type of composite material, has good physical properties, suitable for high strength, large span. but ,no more than 3m in length Our Flagship Product Basalt fiber Products Pultrusion machine series Fiberglass products Casing series Products showcase Basalt fiber series Basalt Fiber can be used as a fireproof textile in the aerospace and automotive industries and can also be used as a composite to produce a wide variety of products. we always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end.

Introduction: Qingdao Feelongda Industry are a top manufacturer of Fiberglass FRP/GRP molded and frp pultrusion profiles in China. Our FRP Plutruded Profiles include square tubes, rectangular tubes, round tubes, angles, I-shapes, channel, rod, and other sections. fiber glass Round Tube Characters: 1) Good heat resistance 2) Brilliant designable material 3) High insulation 4) Significant anti-corrosion characteristic 5) None magnetic and Non conductive 6) Light weight and super strength 7) Easy cutting and installation Technical Data: Item Size (mm) Round rod D7 D8 D10 D12 D15 D20 Round tube D18X3 D18X5 D30X3 D40X4 D50X4 D50X6.35 D60X5 D65X6.35 corrugated round tube D32X30X2.75 D32X29X2. 5 D33.8X31X2.75 Square tube 20 X4.5 40X4 50X3.2 50X4 50X4.8 50X6.35 60X4 76X6.35 80X6.5 101.6X6.4 Rectangular tube 40X20 X4.5 45X25X4 60X30 X2.65X3 175X55X5 I-beam 25X15X4 30X15X4 30X15X5 38X15X4 76X25X4 100X50X6.35 150X100X8 150X125X9.5 190X125X10 200X100X9.5 203X101.6X12.7 250X125X12 H-beam 100X100X6.35 152X152X6.35 152X152X9.53 254X254X10 L-angle 30X30X5.1 35X35X5.1 45X45X5.1 40X40X4 50.8X50.8X6.35 76X76X6.35 76X76X9.53 101X101X9.5 101.6X101.6X12.7 152X152X9.53 152X152X12.7 75X20X3 50X20X3 C-channel 30X18X4 25.4X11.13X3.18 46.1X19.5X6 40X40X5 74.5X25X5 76.8X38.5X6.4 88X15X5 88X35X5 140X80X10 150X40X10 150X45X8 178X60X6.35 203X55X9.5 28.5X26.5X3 Stair Nosing 55X55X4 55X100X3 55X350X3 55X350X4 55X100X3 55X100X4 Kick board 101X14X3.4 148X12X3 U-profile for handrail 71X60 board 38X15 50X15 30X6 228X12.5 140X12.5 15X3 10X3 1220X3.6 T-bar 45X54X6 46X62X10 140X80X10 50X52X6 55X52X6 60X52X6 Y-profile Y 51X39X6.35 Y 39X39X6.35 Y 26X39X6.35 V-profile 161.34 X 97.89 X4 rectangular rod 55X40 Photo:

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Alibaba.com features some of the most durable, high-capacity, and efficient glass fiber tube for all types of commercial as well as industrial uses. These solid glass fiber tube are extremely hardy and can withstand all kinds of pressures and impacts with ease for years to come. To top it all, these robust glass fiber tube are flame-retardant, heat insulation FRP products that can easily stand the test of time along with consistent performance. Buy these FRP products from the leading suppliers and wholesalers on the site.

Regardless of what FRP products you are looking for, you can get your hands on the most premium collection of outstanding and superior quality glass fiber tube on the site. These glass fiber tube are made from reinforced fiber-plastics that are hardened raw materials with silicone treated surfaces for optimal performance and maximum durability. These glass fiber tube are made of materials or FRP sheets that have higher moldable abilities and are entirely cased in resin to enhance the performance levels. These products also offer higher dimensional stability due to densely aligned fibers and are very lightweight products irrespective of their sturdiness. 

Alibaba.com showcases a wide selection of glass fiber tube available in distinct sizes, colors, styles, designs, weaving types and shapes to fit into your requirements. You can use these hardened glass fiber tube for bus bodies, water pipes, pipeline protection clothes, and many more uses. These glass fiber tube or FRP products are also temperature resistant and can stand anything between 190 degrees to 300 degrees Celcius. 

Buy these products at Alibaba.com, exploring the varied glass fiber tube ranges and save money from being wasted. These products are CE, ISO certified, and available as OEM orders. For bulk purchases, customized packaging is available too.