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Whether gardening for fun or profit, maintaining vegetation is difficult with changing seasons and fluctuating temperatures. Alibaba.com’s selection of glass house gardening houses allows for healthy plant growth regardless of season or temperature. They come in large and small glass greenhouse sizes, with indoor and outdoor glass greenhouse options. Alibaba.com also offers wholesale double pane greenhouse glass for building a glass greenhouse at home.

Greenhouses For Cooling

For hot climate gardening, a cooling outdoor glasshouse will keep vegetation healthy, watered, and wilt-free. These glasshouses for sale come with specialty cooling and ventilation fixtures like evaporative cold pads to keep plants cool in arid temperatures. Cooling glass house gardening buildings can be in sizes small to large and in shapes like a glass dome greenhouse building.

Greenhouses For Heating

Like the cooling house, the heating glasshouse greenhouse is built to hold plants in warm temperatures during cool months, climates, and nights. Warming elements in the heating greenhouse depend on the outside environment and ideal plant temperature. They can consist of tempered glass greenhouse thermal panels and solar heating fixtures to prevent hoarfrost and frozen crops. Heating greenhouses have less airflow and ventilation than cooling glasshouses but remain available in small to industrial sizes and shapes like domes or lean-tos.

Building a DIY Greenhouse

Greenhouses can be as small as an indoor table, and as large as an industrial plant. DIY glass houses are often small to medium size but easily constructed with the help of glass panels, plant beds, and cooling/heating systems. First identify the vegetation to grow, as every plant requires different heat and humidity to flourish. Some plants can flourish in small indoor greenhouses, whereas more fragile plants may need more room and complicated watering and temperatures to grow. Find DIY materials at Alibaba.com’s greenhouse selection, and browse glass, wooden, and small plastic greenhouses for inspiration.

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