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The first step in the right direction for going green is using reusable glass water bottles and refilling them with filtered water or beverages. Glass is considered one of the healthiest natural raw and non-permeable materials for storing hot, cold, alkaline and acidic drinks. Alibaba.com offers a wide selection of these reusable water bottles in different designs and capacities for everyday usage and outdoor excursion.  

Alibaba.com has reusable glass water bottles made with BPA-free food-grade materials that contain no phthalate or cadmium to keep drinks healthy and refreshing. Some of them come with air-tight caps lined with silicone O-rings that will never leave a leaky mess on the bag or car no matter how the bottle is placed. Additionally, this feature prevents denies oxygen access to prevent it from breaking down beverages and ruining the taste. Most glass infuser water bottles feature a patented bottom loading infuser design that brings water to life with delicious flavors of vegetables, fruits and herbs. They are paired with removable strainers that prevent ice and seeds from clogging the spout.

Boost water intake with glass water bottles designed for portability. Most of them feature slim and compact profiles that fit most cup holders, fridge and lunch bags and can be carried to a car, school or work comfortably. Some glass drinking bottles come with a strap to help hold the container for those hydrated walks in the park or on the beach. Some of them feature silicone sleeves that add color, style and protection from falls and slips for added safety.   

Improve hydration with glass water bottles with large capacities from Alibaba.com. Buy these quality products in bulk from certified manufacturers at pocket-friendly prices. Pick from a stylish and functional design that suits daily needs.