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Add flare to your tile surfaces with a glitter grout backsplash from Alibaba.com. Offered in a rainbow of colors, sparkle grout can be added to most surfaces and tile types, like glass, ceramic, and porcelain. With the help of a readymade glitter grout pen you can quickly customize home surfaces or make your own DIY glitter grout with epoxy and your choice of sparkle grout colors.

Applying Glitter Grout

Sparkle grout can be added by hand to tiles or premixed in tile pallets. When applying your grout, you can use a specialty glitter grout pen for detailed design or apply it in broad strokes with a grout float. DIY grouts can be placed in a small tube with a tapered top or icing bag for makeshift grouting. Depending on the mixture, allow 24 to 72 hours for the grout to dry before adding sealant. For surfaces prone to moisture, apply waterproof sealants to keep grout colors sparkling vibrantly longer.

Grouting Surfaces

Though it’s more common to find kitchen glitter grout design options, sparkle grout can be used in any tiled surface or room. Bathroom glitter grout in neutral colors adds a subtle charm to your bathing space, where gold glitter grout livens up professional and personal entryways and living surfaces.

Making Glitter Grout

Any color of glitter grout can be made at home with the help of epoxy and glitter grout kits. Special glitter designed for grout, epoxy, and cement additions sold at Alibaba.com can be added and stirred into a wet mixture. Ordinary crafting glitter can be used in DIY grouts but may not remain as vibrant and sparkling as commercial mixtures. Measuring the ratio of glitter to grout mixture is crucial for consistency when decorating. Too much glitter can disrupt drying processes, making the one glitter bag to two pounds of grout mix the ideal rule of thumb.

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