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A go jack or car jack is a type of vehicle aide that is used to raise the car for emergency repair such as changing a flat tire, refreshing the engine oil or replacing the exhaust system. A go jack dolly should be used on even, level surfaces and must be on solid ground, not gravel or grass which can cause stability problems. Each go jack car dolly is different so it is important to read the instruction manual to understand the specific rules regarding use.

What types of car jacks are there?

There are three main types of go jacks for sale: the trolley jack, the scissor jack and the bottle jack. The scissor jack is the most affordable and smallest option of the three. It comes with a handle that winds the arms apart, which then lifts the car up off the ground. The jack is positioned under the car and the arms handle is wound clockwise until the car is raised up to the necessary height. To lower the car back down, simply wind the handle in a counterclockwise direction. A trolley jack is a much more stable option and usually the choice of professional mechanics. It has wheels which makes moving it into position much easier. To lift the car off the ground, users pump the handle up and down until the car has reached the jacking point. To lower the car, the handle is removed and the relief valve is twisted counterclockwise thereby slowly lowering the car back down to the ground. Similar to the trolley jack, the bottle jack uses hydraulic force and a handle pump to lift up the car. This type of jack is smaller and easier to store than a trolley jack, but this makes it slightly less stable. Axel stands are recommended if the user needs to get underneath the car for added support and safety.