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The gold testing machine is one of the most important and revolutionary discoveries for the precious metals market and several industries, and in particular, that of gold buyers and sellers. Machines for gold testing are now used all over the world and allow for being sure of the purity of a sample or item of gold.

An XRF gold testing machine works based on the principle of X-ray fluorescence, which is a non-destructive analysis technique that allows operators to find out the elemental composition of a sample through the study of X-ray fluorescence radiation. To explain it more simply, X-rays hit the object, and, in a few seconds, the XRF machine for gold shows the exact chemical composition of the item.

That is a technique that has been used for many years, for example, in geology for the study of rocks, but has many other uses in biology and medicine. Portable gold testing machines are now available in different sizes and with various characteristics.

The functioning of a gold testing machine

In the jewelry industry, it is essential to know the composition of the metal an item is made of to determine the carat weight and, consequently, the value of gold and other precious materials. It's enough to place the item inside the machine for gold testing and activate it. In about thirty seconds, the beam analyzes the object and shows the quantity of gold present in it on the display.

The "heart" of the XRF gold testing machine, the X-ray generator, consists of a standard or microfocus tube with a tungsten, rhodium, molybdenum or chromium anode. These components are decisive for the measurement precision and the energy spectrum obtained. The X-ray beam passes through a filter to reduce background noise in the relevant energy ranges and thus achieve greater sensitivity for signals from materials that are only present in low concentrations.

Quality of testing with an XRF machine for gold

Although very powerful, the XRF gold testing machine cannot penetrate deep and, for example, analyze the center of an ingot; in fact, they do not have a strength that allows them to go so deep inside a metal. However, this doesn't mean that it stops at the surface – the X-rays manage to enter inside the solid for several microns of thickness, a value more than sufficient to analyze gold.

For example, an XRF machine for gold can easily distinguish yellow gold objects from gold-plated objects or rhodium-plated iron from white gold, which cannot be done easily with other tests.