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Golf driving range balls are "range balls'' or "driving range balls" that are made expressly to be used on a driving range for the game of golf. These range balls come with a green, red, or black stripe around their circumference. You may also see the word "range" or "practice" printed on them. Some range balls have solid yellow with black stripes around the circumference.

Golfers buy golf range balls in bulk at the driving range. They can choose to buy used golf range balls or new ones. Used golf range balls are ideal for people looking to save costs by buying cheap range balls. However, if you are looking for top-range golf balls, be prepared to spend some money.

You can typically save costs by buying golf range balls wholesale at the golf ball driving range. You can use these range golf balls outside a driving range setting, like a public park.

Range Balls Vs Regular Golf Balls

The key difference is that range balls are designed to ensure multiple uses. Golfers of widely varying abilities can hit them multiple times on driving ranges. Generic range balls have very hard covers and a solid core. This 2-piece construction makes them better than regular golf balls at resisting cover damage.

Brand range balls such as Srixon range balls and Top Flite driving range balls may have hard cores. These hard cores make them more durable but can restrict their flight.

You can get generic and branded range balls at cheap prices by checking for used golf balls for sale. Bulk driving range golf balls offer the most value as the cost per unit is cheaper.

Range Ball Distance vs Regular Ball Distance

Due to their strong cover, range balls do not travel as far as regular balls. However, the covered distances depend on the construction. A range ball with a soft core and hardcover will travel farther than a range ball with a hardcore and a hardcover.

So when you are browsing driving range balls for sale, ensure you get the ideal range ball for your needs.

If you are more concerned about durability and not distance performance, then a range ball with a strong core and cover is ideal.

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