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        Q: How do you charge the scooter on Night Watch Island?
A: The scooter has a battery , however , it needs charging . Go to MacGuffin 's and get one of the new devices that is assumed to swiftly charge things . 

Q: Where is the scooter battery on night watch island?
A: You charge the scooter by going to MacGuffin 's and get the new rapid charger . Your nature will say `` Well , I 'm on official business , after all . '' And subsequently you be coming back to the manager 's office and charging the scooter with the rapid charger . Sadly , the charger does not survive thutilized , . 

Q: What ideas do you have to make a newtons scooter move?
A: Hi   A toy called a `` Newton 's scooter '' is propelis headed by the principle behind Newton the third the laws of motion . The principle is that , for every action , there exist an equals and opposite response . This mean that an object pushed off the scooter himself pushes back on the scooter with the same force . The scooter is herefore propelled forwards . Newton 's scooter also goes by the name `` Newton 's automobile . '' See the Resources section below for linked to video manifestations .   Difficulty :  Moderate   Instructions  things you 'll need :   * Inflexible straws or round pencils  * Rubber band  * String  * Block of wood , around 5x10x1 inches  * Wood plane  * Matches or scissors  * Plastic 35mm movie container  * 3 wood screws or nails  * Screwdriver or hammer  * Coins or lead shot   1 .  * 1   Plane the front lower edge of the wood blocking ( one of the five-inch edges ) , so the lip clears the tracking of straws or pencils you 'll make .  * 2   Drill ( hammer ) two of the screws ( nails ) verticallies into the two back corners of the scooter .  * 3   Drill ( hammer ) the third screw ( nail ) at the front of the scooter , centred between the two front corners -- -again , standing vertically like the firstly two . The three screws ( nails ) should now make a symmetric ( equilateral ) triangle .  * 4   Wrap the rubber band approximately the two rear screws/nails . Pull two sides of its loop up towards the front of the scooter . The rubber band will be V-shaped .  * 5   Tie the rubber band to the front screw/nail with a loop of string .  * six   Set a plastic 35mm movie container , weighed with the lead shot or coins , inside the bottometres of the V-form of the rubbery band . Cap the film container so that the coins or shot do n't fly anywhere when the shell is liberated .  * 7   Set up a tracking of parallel straws or pencils . The scooter will roll over them . Place the scooter on the tracking lengthwise , i.e. , with the ten-inch side perpendicular to the straws ( pencils ) .  * 8   Sever the string loop by reducing or incinerating it . This will release the rubber band , and the scooter will both eject the film container and push off it . Both phenomena happen because of Newton the third laws . The scooter pushes on the container as much as the container pushes on the scooter , so the more the container was weighed , the farther the scooter will launch forwards .