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Grape Agate is the name for purple aggregates of quartz crystals found in Indonesia. Grape Agate crystals started appearing commercially in 2015. Since then, the stone has become a favorite item among collectors of precious stones. Purple grape agate is notorious for its beauty which makes it a great choice for interior design. It’s also considered a spiritual stone among many people. This makes it a great idea to start stocking your store with green grape agate and other varieties of Indonesian grape agate crystals.

What are the grape agate trends

Grape agate chalcedony is collected for several reasons. Its beauty makes it a top choice for home interior designers who are looking to blend a bit of mysticism with modern architecture. Botryoidal agate is also popular because of its therapeutic benefits. There are many people who collect crystal grape agate because they believe it offers spiritual benefits like inner stability and composure. Finally, grape agate makes for a beautiful home or body decoration. Grape agate makes for beautiful jewelry like white grape agate necklace. Mind you, agate grape is sometimes dyed to give a stronger color tone. Grape agate prices start as low as $2 and can reach as high as $200 depending on the style and color of the agape grate crystals. It might be a great idea to stock different price ranges of grape agate crystals to suit your customer's budget(s).

How to avoid fake grape agate:

Grape agate is a botryoidal amethyst. This makes it share the same attribute with regular amethysts, i.e fading due to sunlight exposure. This can cause one to confuse real grape agate with fake ones. To be sure you are stocking original botryoidal grape agate stones, make sure you contact a reputable dealer. Also, make sure you remind your customers to keep their Indonesian grape agate out of direct sunlight.

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