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Experience the nice and earthy vegetable protein flavor of green lentils from for your dishes and recipes. They are mostly unprocessed and are easy to prepare, requiring no prior soaking. green lentils are also a great substitute for meat, especially for vegetarian dishes. The different colors of green lentils range from yellow, coral and gold to slate-green, reddish-brown and black. All the different color varieties have a special flavor and texture with varying nutritional content.

Most green lentils are versatile and they take a relatively short time to cook. Avoid pressure-cooking the legumes since they create foam, which could clog the pressure vents, thus causing costly inconveniences. The ideal method is boiling and simmering. Green and brown varieties of green lentils properly maintain their shapes after cooking and are suitable for consuming whole. Split or hulled green lentils, particularly yellow and red ones, disintegrate during cooking and are ideal for soups and pureed dishes. offers organic-quality green lentils with small, medium and large sizes. It is recommendable to understand the specific characteristics of different green lentils to enhance your cooking and dining experience. Regular green lentils, mostly brown in color, are easily mashed and they are popular with vegetarian meat burgers and loaves. They have a similar cooking duration as rice and many households prepare it along with seasonings such as celery seed.

Improve your vegetable protein diet with this selection of premium-quality green lentils options from These food products meet the relevant health and safety guidelines and are fit for human consumption. Bulk orders and aftersales support are available from accredited producers and distributors.