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Waste tire recycle machine/used tire recycling plant/scrap tire recycling equipment Production Line: Waste tire - t ire circle cutting - r im steels separat ing - s trip cutting - Tire slice cutting - Rubber crushing - magnetic separating - nylon fiber separating - r ubber powder. Specification: 1.Waste tire circle cutter Name Power Capacity Weight Waste tires range Tire circle cutter 4kw+0.75kw 40pcs/h 650kg 650mm-1200mm 2.Rim steels separator Name Power Capacity Weight Rim steels separator 11kw 100pcs/h 1300kg 3.Waste tire strip cutter Name Power Capacity Weight Specification of cutting strip Waste tire strip cutter 5.5kw 800kg/h 850kg 5*8cm 4.Waste tire slice cutter Name Power Capacity Weight Specification of cutting strip Waste tire slice cutter 5.5kw 800kg/h 800kg 3*5*8cm Large slice cutting machine 18.5kw 13 00kg/h 12 00kg 3*5*8cm 5.Waste tire crusher Model Diameter of roll Drum length Front roll line r speed Roll speed ratio Max roller spacing Motor power XKP-350 300mm 500mm 26.2 m/min 1:2.5 10mm 30 /37 kw XKP-400 400mm 600mm 34.5 m/min 1:2.5 10mm 45 /55 kw XKP-450 450mm 760mm 38 m/min 1:2.5 10mm 75/90 kw XKP-560 560mm 800mm 40 . 6m/min 1:2.5 10mm 90/110 kw XKP- 56 0D 560mm 1000mm 4 4 m/min 1:2.5 10mm 132 /160 kw 6. Magnetic separator Name Power Weight Specification Magnetic separator 1.5kw 400kg permanent magnetism 7.Nylon fiber separator Name Power Capacity Weight Nylon fiber separator 5.5kw+7.5kw 800-1000kg/h 1600kg 8.Final Products

More Details for waste tyre recycling plant: Waste tyre recycling line is the third step in Shredwell tire recycling Line. 2. Rasper Shredwell’s Rasper machine is the ultimate machine in tyre recycling plant for medium grinding and steel separation. Our experienced after-sales service team can ensure timely installation for tyre recycling plant, testing and training in the customer's workshop.

1. scrap tire separating equipments These machines are special for disintegration, circle cutting, strip cutting and chunk cutting of scrap wire tires. The rubber crushing mill is a set of complete machine that mainly used for grinding and powder manufacturing. The temperature adjusting device could fill cooling water into the roller to adjust temperature to meet the technical requirement.

waste car/truck tires recycling machine price JN-1000 Tire recycling plant, recycle the waste tires to clean rubber granules and powders without steel wires and fibers under normal temperature, without pollution, and easy operation and maintenance. Name JN-1000 Tire recycling plant Raw material Waste tires, rubber scraps, etc. Max size of tire 1200mm Products Rubber crumbs, granules and powders, steel wires and fibers, etc.

Size: ANYGO brand 12.00-24 XZ06 pneumatic solid tires Specification ABC Tyre’s XZ06 pattern are constructed with 3 stages solid resilient tyre with a rich Natural Rubber tread, low rolling resistance, excellent wear characteristics with a soft centre compound for heat buildup resistance and resilience. All products of Future wheelsTyre meet international standards set by ETRTO and US-TRA, and are fully compliant with REACH regulations We produces a large variety of industry-specific tires to fit an array of machines and suit various operating conditions. is the only specialized is engaged in the special tire research and development, processing, marketing, promotion and service one-stop integrated company, The company has the most advanced design and processing technology of solid tires and builded up complete quality guarantee system.

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Purchase efficient green machine tires on Alibaba.com and get them delivered to your doorstep. With multiple, secure payment options and certified sellers, suppliers and manufacturers, you get a smoother shopping experience than anywhere else. These green machine tires are used for cutting rubber bales in a variety of sizes. They have multiple advantages, which is why they are used in multiple industries.

At Alibaba.com, purchase any green machine tires as per one's needs. Depending on their operation mode, these cutters can be divided into pneumatically operated and hydraulically operated ones. These cutters are also divided into four types depending on their productivity and size. The bench bale cutter is relatively small for small-scale processing whereas the slicing type bale cutters are larger and used for industrial processing. For larger processing, cross blade type and other variants are used.

These green machine tires have several favorable characteristics like better flexibility, economy, precision, and cutting quality. They are suitable for cutting both natural and artificial rubber bales and demand no manual interference whatsoever. Used in multiple industries such as polymer, tire and rubber, they're also employed in laboratory applications. They're relatively easy to use, with the operator just feeding the bales. After that, the machine cuts them into pieces of pre-determined thickness and size.

Whether it's for a laboratory or an industry, whether one needs to cut synthetic rubber or natural rubber, visit Alibaba.com and get the best green machine tires. Select from a large selection of premium products with just a few clicks and choose from a plethora of premium products. For purchasing good quality cutters at great prices, there's no need to look anywhere else.