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        Q: Indoor bamboo plant help?
A: I 've seen people plant bamboo , lets say multiple slices and allowed me only say that once bamboo beginnings further increase a natural world , it 's very , very rampant type of plant and starts to growth anywhere . Yes it would presumably take a couple of years to have this happen however , it it seemed that once it begins has been rising it increase anywhere ... . That is what I 've learned about it . I am debating whether to plant it in my back yard ... .I just do not want it to go crazy on me in are a few years ... But yes I do thinks it just first began growth ... .larger and greater ... 

Q: What type of bamboo plant is this?
A: Bamboo relates to a genus of very huge grasses that grow tremendou.s. and develop a woody stalk . It is a grass , just very great and with uncommon leaves , realted to wheat , rice , corn , bluegrass and rye . Bamboo can growth very teveryone and numerous solely bloom every five0 to hundred years , so it 's a very longer lived grass as well ( compare it to this is not-too-distant relative corn , who is living solely four months ) . There 's also some other plants , in particular different draceanas , that are called bamboos but which 're not grasses at all but rather are actually most intimately pertaining to lilies . 

Q: How do you kill bamboo?
A: The packages have sugar and a preservative in them . Mostly sugar . The package is for a pint of water .  It would be best not to put it in your bamboo 's water . It becomes stale in time .