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        Q: What is the age requirement to go to an LA fitness gym and use the equipment?
A: I 've been to alot of gyms in my day and yes , LA Fitness is my choice . Anytime Fitness tend to be alot of old fart and it 's costly , closer to $ 400/year with tanning beds and they tends to be little in strip malls , etc . School gyms have constrained equipment and possibly forty-five min intervals that you get to go between when the teams take up all the space . Planet Fitness is a joke , it 's a fat chick grouping hug complete with free pizza , I am not kidding . They have ha more than a few lawsuits for kicking people out for being fit . Not being a fatso is `` intimidating '' there , so yeah . twenty-four hour it seemed to be the `` allow meet up after labour and play basketball place . The cubical crowd reigns . LA fitness can attract some of the douchey people , mens and women 's however , it 's truly the people 's gym . If you have n't been indicted of attempted murder and can address all the actual inhabitants of the world , you are able handle LA , They got everything you want ( except tanning beds in my experience , yours might have one ) at a reasonable pricing . Tend to be cleansing and well situate .   Yea it is a very good gym . 

Q: Do home gym machines give you the same body as the better quality gym equipment?
A: Well , if you solely have dumbbells was later the Gym is considerably better . Free weightings is typically better than gym machines , but the gym 've got a lot more equipment ( free weightings included ) . Dumbbells was rather good if you do n't wan na put in the additional effort . 

Q: I just joined the Gym. What advice can I get?
A: Congratulations on decides to be actively involved by joining a gym . The way you find the gym which is corrects for you is to make out a checklisting of things which you want your gym to have to take cacircle of your wants and requirements . Its allooked just like 're looking for a friend or life-long mate . For example , If I wish to becoming part of a gym the gym must have ample cardio , elliptic , free weightings and strength training machines .   There is required to ample parking and the gym is business hours must comply with my needs on the weekdays pernd weekend . Fitness staffing is required to noticeable if I need them and they are required be attentive to what 's happening on the Fitness Floor and not gossiping among themselves or with some person for an hour . Some gym members do not have gym etiquette and do not put their weightings back in the rack or wipe down the equipment after used . The Fitness staffing is required to noticeable to correct such behaviour and cleaning process the right place to make it look tidy and organized .   I want the gymnasium to have lockers which are made of steel so I is aware of the fact my belongings are safe . The shower room is required to well lighted with hot and cold water . The gymnasium must have a swim pooling , whirlpool , running/walking tracking , steam or sauna room and basketball tribunal . I want my gym to have television sets so I can make my jobout go quicker by watching sports , news or films . I understand people 've got their Ipods and Compact Disc players for its own right music . Some gymnasiums have music playing over the speakers to be granted the gym some atmosphere . I did not wish to hear Rap , Hip-Hop , electronic home music coming out of the speakers at a loud volume . I do not want chalk all around the floor and machines getting all over my jobout clothes . No chalk ! ! ! I also give grave consideration if there 's children aged under fourteen lie in the Fitness regions and 's use the equipment without adult surveillance . I do not want children placed in my way or making a inconvenience of themselves as I am was endeavouring to workout . When I workout it is my time and I do not want children running loose and unsupervised around me in the Fitness area .   Now , before you begin your gym membership did you go to the doctorss to see if you have any health troubles ? You should go to your physicians first to receive a complete physical . If there exists a problem with your body which you was nothingt is aware of your physicians wili 'm finding it . You did not wish to discover any troubles with your body at a public venue like a gym . You wish to walk into the gym under your own power . You did not wish to leave the gym being wheeled out by paramedics on a gurney . It is absolutely embarrassing 'm saying the least .   As you are getting ready go to the gym bring your gym shorts , sox , comfortable shirt , gym shoes , towel , locking , Water bottle , shower/toiletries . If your membership is with a gym which has staffing on the fitness floor seek out this person and to request them if they were able give you an orientation to get you familiar with their cardio and strength equipment . Ask the Fitness staffing person been shown the equipment so you are able see how the equipment is working . After the Fitness Staff person demonstrated by the equipment you promptly try it commenced out with light weightings , that is 35 pounds , so you are able get the feel of the machine . You do not have to memorize all that the Fitness staffing person says because you 're going to be going to the gym at the very least 3 times a week including weekends .   The cardio equipment ought to be utilized in the same manner as the strength equipment . Start off with sluggish velocities so you are able jog and get the feel of the equipment and how your body was a response . You can use the incline and speeding buttons if you wish to but be reasonable . You did not wish to 've got some bad experience on a treadmill by felling or tripping .   You should look forwards to going to the gym rather than thinking I have to go to the gym.. Many people consider going to the gym as a chore and torturing . They ultimately give up the gym routine within per month . Think of the gym as part of your day-to-day routine which is fun and you look forwards to . You get to hang-out with like-minded people who concerned about their bodies and health .   You are at the rights age began to a lifelong habit which will solely benefit you in the long run . You are the critical to your success though . You have to maintaining up this habit and routine past the 1 year membership . You should seek to go to the gym at the very least two , 3 times in the week and once in the weekend . Keep a journal of your progress to remarks on your progress as your body gets leaner and stronger . Oh , by the way , if you wish your gym members into show any dividends you are required change your dietary habits . Your dietary habits have to supplement your credit cardio and strength program . You were not able do one without the other to 've got the affirmative outcome you 're hoping be attained . Good luck ! ! !