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Applicator bottles are a type of squeezable cylindrical bottle with extended, pointy dispensing tips that are designed for getting liquids to surfaces with precision. They are conventionally used in salons to disperse hair treatment ointments like hair dye onto hair scalps. You can find these come in soft plastic that makes it easy to control the pressure with which you disperse your hair dye or oil.

In what sizes do applicator bottles come?

Precision tip applicator bottles come in an array of volumes inclusive of 60ml, 80ml, 100ml, 120ml, and 150ml, among other possible sizes. They can be wholly plastic or come as plastic with a metal lid and tip. Tips usually come in different narrowness inclusive of 0.3mm, 0.5mm, and 0.7mm. They usually come with a scale embossed on them for precise measurement. And their tips are designed to avoid tangling during application on the hair scalp.

Can applicator bottles be reused?

Oil applicator bottles and hair color applicator bottles used for beauty treatments in public are not necessarily to be disposed of after use. They can be fully reused. But if you find it more comfortable to make replacements, you might want to opt for changing the applicator tips only, as this would cost you less maintenance. However, if you are looking to minimize the cost by reusing both bottle and tip while keeping the needed hygiene, you can follow the quick instruction below.

How to maintain your applicator bottle without making replacements?

Ensure to not have leftovers; only use the content in your hair applicator bottle by measurement. Leave the bottle and tip in warm water (with a few drops of antiseptic liquid if possible) after use for about five minutes after which you should wash with soap. For the hair dye applicator bottle tip, poke a needle through its hollow to remove all ointment remains and hair debris, and be sure to see through the tip clearly after which you should rinse all parts. For metal hair root applicator bottle tips, you can use hot water instead of warm water to disinfect before washing and rinsing.

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