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The halligan tool mostly known as firefighter halligan is a multi-purpose tool designed for prying (the halligan pry bar), twirling, jabbing, or punching and is made up of a claw, a wedge or blade, and a cone-shaped pick which is very well suited for rapidly prying many types of locked materials or surfaces. At Alibaba.com, you have higher chances to find wholesale halligan firefighter tools for various purposes.

What are the main usage of fireman halligan?

The firefighter halligan bar tool is highly adaptable and can be used for numerous purposes in contemporary firefighting services. Opening windows, cutting bolts, ladder securing, unclogging window and framing openings, and stripping nails are some of the many uses of the halligan bar employed by firefighters during forced entries and rescue operations and efforts today.

What are the tools that are part of the tactical halligan tool?

The halligan tool features three basic tools including the Adz halligan which is a curved flat surface of a tip that is approximately 6 inches long. Forcible entry with a  halligan bar enables one to force the bend through door jams and into tight spaces so that one can utilize some mechanical edge to override the door that is being tried to be opened.  Another tool is the Pick, which is a comparatively blunt tool, situated at the same extreme as the adz, that lets one rapidly pry through padlocked doors as well as use Halligan's bar for wedging into bracing devices or other types of locking systems. Lastly is the Fork. This section of the device is also highly functional. It can be used to crack locked doors, or it can also be used as a leverage tool.

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