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        Q: What does an grass eat?
A: It should n't hurt them is , however , whenever they eat grass it 's generally a good sign that they 're sick . Another replying : Eating grass makes dogs throw up , which usually relieves their minors stomach upsets . If they solely do there are times and they 're fine after they vomit - it was just their way of getting relief , and you should allow them to do it . But if they eat grass all the time , there is something off with their diet or digestion , and the vet is necessary for take a look at them . 

Q: Can people eat cat grass?
A: cats eat grass because something in the grass makes them throw up , which clears their throat of hair balls . they DO NOT lick the grass for water . they would dehydrates . 

Q: What is the plural form of grass?
A: Grass are in fact a singular and plural , such as alluded to all of the grass of a lawn or a park simply as 'the grass ' . The individual grass plants that make up the lawn 's also called grass . However , when you 're alluded to a variety of ways of grass , you use grasses . For example , 'The grasses that do well in this climate are Inland and Bermuda . '