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Achieve faster and precise engravings on different materials using the portable handheld engravers from Alibaba.com. A high-quality handheld laser engraver will seamlessly interface with your computer, ensuring you can layout the perfect design and scale the art to your preferences.  Our mini engravers perform best on materials such as aluminum, wood, paper and plastic.

Complete any size of engraving project to perfection with our user-friendly engraver solutions.  With a high-end and flexible hand held fiber laser marking machine, you can successfully complete all your engraving tasks with the highest level of precision. Our portable handheld engravers are ideal for customers in leather, beverage, pharmaceutical, packaging and tobacco industries. Our mini engravers include handheld laser etchers, fiber laser cutting machines, fiber scribers, dot Peen markers and laser cleaning machines.

Optimize engraving results by using our 3D crystal laser engravers or Co2 handheld laser engraver machines, which have graphical-based programming to minimize the learning curve. Most of the engravers offer more than 10000 work-life hours along with constructions that resist scratching and dents.  Discover low voltage, maintenance-free handheld configurable automatic and manually operated hand-held laser engraver solutions with flexible cable beam delivery units and capabilities to mark barcodes and two metric codes. Buy the user-friendly PC-compatible engravers with seamless designs and functions.

Whether searching for a portable laser engraver to streamline your small-scale or large-scale non-metal or metal engraving business, you can browse Alibaba.com for amazing solutions. You will discover handheld laser engraver solutions capable of marking heavy, thin, thick and superfine lines. Some of our engravers are Bluetooth-enabled so you can control them remotely via a smartphone app or remote.