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        Q: Natural pond can my gold fish live in it with...?
A: Let are seeing ? Where began to ? First of all , do not 're trying seam liner in the areas . It was just do n't buy it . Use at the very least 40 mil butyl liner and only one piece . If seaming are necessaryed , the factory will do it for you .   For responses to your issue , try my website following address/www.pondlady.com  We have folks there from around the world that are able answer your questions . It was just too much to respond to in this brief space .  And as a pond builder of numerous years and thousands of ponds , I 've never used nothing to dig a pond except a shovel and hoe . You can really do it . 

Q: Pond question. pond liner?
A: Pond liner is pond liner for a reason . It 's made to line ponds . Average plastic is made to cover stuff on a temporary base .   There are three materials utilized for the pond trade and one red-headed stepchild . The three are :  1 45mil fish-safe EPDM . There 's other brands , at less costing , but FIrestthe first is the king of the hill and the workhorse of the industry . In seventeen years we 've bought around half a squares miles away from it - 20 percent for DIY projects - the rest for our own ponds and waterproofing work . ZERO troubles .   2 Other types of EPDM - I 've seen it in various thicknesses , 60 mil being the thickest I can recall . Tetra usage to , and still may make a 60 mil product . It is marvellous , but truly stiff - and costsly !  There 's other makes of 'fish safe EPDM ' but the absence of a brand and the meager savings are n't worthwhile . Your liner is the basis of your pond . It is like building your house . Do you order specific and have it done right. , or use river bottom ( rocks and sand ) , mix it in little batches in a wheelbarrow and pour it in your spare time ? You have one chances to do it right   3 PVC - for years EPDM were really pricey and PVC sheet ruled . It loses plasticisers over time and becomes brittle . The Depot sells a black PVC for ponds which is also possible better than the older stuff , but who knows ? I have not been called out to repair one . . . yet . I 'd stay away , with the proved quality of FIrestone forty-five mil .   4 Roofing EPDM . The step-child . Its less expensive than fish-safe , but contains chemicals to control mould , fungu.s. and other stuff a roof dealt with . Stay away . These chems also control fishes - in a sad way .   There you go - Good Luck