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Hexagon shelves

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About hexagon shelves

Hexagon shelves are hanging shelf options that are used for a variety of reasons, including displaying collectibles, memorabilia, arts, planted plants, stuffed toys, and various supplies. Although hexagon shelves generally weigh less than traditional shelf options, they can hold different items while displaying them in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. Hexagon wall shelves help maximize wall space, providing multiple storage levels for efficient organization.

Benefits of using hexagon shelves

Compared to other shelf types, hexagon shelves offer many benefits for installation. The most obvious reason is to display items, such as books, plants, and more, in an eye-catching fashion. Moreover, for a visually appealing focal point in the bedroom or living room, hexagon hanging shelves allow for better painting and design customization without requiring much wall space. Hexagon shelves are also generally easy to install and customizable based on individual needs. They come in different materials like wood and metal and allow for a variety of colors or designs, most featuring a honeycomb look.

Wood used to make hexagon shelves

Making hexagon shelves is possible using a variety of different wood types. Alder wood, used in birch trees, is one of the easiest options to glue together and install, as well as stain and paint evenly. Despite it not being the strongest hardwood, it comes in a rustic grain that helps hexagon shelves fit most decors and is simple to integrate into most home decors. White oak is a harder wood option, great for constructing strong and durable hexagon shelves that are naturally resistant to decay. Moreover, it is also good for staining and painting even after placing the first coat. Walnut wood is also good for wall hexagon shelves. It is easy to install and features a dark, pleasingly modern color while withstanding several issues, like scratches and dents. Maple used for hexagon shelves dries into a heavy-duty material to help ensure strong longevity and durability. Mahogany is also a good option for beautiful grade wood that is easy to stain and perhaps the most durable of all wood options.

Ways to use a hexagon shelf

As mentioned above, hexagon shelves can be installed into walls and used in a variety of ways. The most common is for displaying various items, including pictures, plants, and more, in an eye-catching fashion. Hexagon shelves can also be used as a makeshift bookshelf or desk organizer. By placing various office or bedroom desk items on the shelf, the room, overall, will look a lot tidier.