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2. If you need good quality and reasonbale price under this quality ,we are the one,we deeply in the same camp with you. 6. All of our machines quality grantee:12monthes, 7. Oem brand 8. Each container ,we can provide 1% quick-wear part. 9. for big order,our engineer can go to your country and teach you how to repair and others about machine technology

The oxy-hydrogen flame is cleaner & more efficient than other traditional flame. Easy to operat e Environment friendly Oxy-hydrogen generator just needs pure water & electricity as fuel. 4. Fuse the lead or tin alloy plate for storage battery.

We are a factory with more than 20 years manufacturing experience. Q2. Where is the headquarter of FEIDA group located9 A. Q6. How can I talk to a live person and get a quotation9 A.

Medical industry: for denture welding, welding metal fittings and mending sand holes in dentistry. 2. Does the Oxyhydrogen water flame welding machine make big noises9How about the decibels9 Not really , only the fan sound. 4. Is the temperature same among the different machine models9 Yeah,the temperature is same but the gas outs are different.

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While choosing hho welding machine, you should consider some specs as they are useful even for fueling heavy-duty electric machines. First, check the engine power rating as it tells the electric output of that particular generator. For instance, a generator with a 10HP gas engine will have a low power output compared to a generator with a 15HP engine. Second, consider the engine capacity as the higher it is, the higher the performance. Check options like 400 CC or 200 CC engine depending on your liking model. You can also check the generator power output. Here you will find consumer and industrial grade power options. Hence choose a hho welding machine accordingly.

Alibaba.com has numerous wholesale hho welding machine that you can order online, depending on whether for industrial or consumer applications. One, is the DuroMax propane generator. It has a high power output of 4,850 watts with a 212 CC engine making it an all-around generator. Thishho welding machine is environmentally friendly, low to no maintenance cost, and isn’t affected by weather conditions. Second, it’s the Westing house generator ideal for industrial use as it has a high power rating of 8,500 watts running and 11,200 watts peak. It also has a higher engine capacity of 457 CC for high power performance. This generator comes with a handy remote start, and you can easily disassemble it, making it user-friendly. The third is the Wen propane generator. Thishho welding machine is affordable with a great power rating of 3,500 running watts and 4,350 watts peak. It’s an excellent standby generator for consumer use.

Alibaba.com has a massive selection of dealers selling hho welding machine at wholesale prices. So don’t look any further, instead visit their website and order your preferring propane generator right away.